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Chapter 20: Health: Overflowing Energy of Life

In small things you are asking for experience. In a lifelong affair - the meeting of man and woman to live together, to have children, to create the new generation - you don’t bother about experience. Instead just the opposite is insisted upon: the girl should be virgin. Can you see the stupidity of the idea?

About boys they are a little less strict, because they know boys - they cannot remain virgins. You will be surprised to know that even girls cannot remain virgins; it is against nature. In the middle ages girls were going to the doctors to create a fake virginity so that when for the first time the husband made love to them, he was satisfied that the girl was a virgin. Doctors had arrangements to make the girl look like a virgin. But what kind of fake, false society are we living in?

There cannot be any check on the boys because it is very difficult, there is no way to know whether the boy is virgin or not. But for the girl there is a way: there is a small, thin skin screen that should remain unbroken; if it is broken she has lost her virginity. But any doctor can manage it with a thin plastic screen, and then deceive the foolish husband and the whole tradition. And that has been done in all the countries where virginity is respected. I have heard that here in Greece virginity is one of the great things, although it is impossible to find a single virgin.

Those ten years are of immense importance, because boys and girls can have enrichment, experience. Knowing others, they can feel who could be the right person, what kind of qualities will be the right qualities, with whom they feel most intimate.

If the medical profession is really scientific it will tell society that the girls and the boys should be given freedom to experiment before they decide for their whole life. This will avoid masturbation, this will avoid homosexuality, this will avoid lesbianism - and this will avoid AIDS.

They have to tell the boys and the girls, “You have to take every care. The pill is there for women” - the pill has existed for many years, and now recently they have made a pill for men too - “so be on the pill, so you are completely safe.”

Virginity is not the real thing; the pill is the real thing.

They should tell the students, “You have to go into the experience.” And they have to tell the society, “Your demands are unnatural, and your fears are absolutely false.”

Then there will be a parallel success: their new inventions will not be thrown immediately overboard by new diseases. And about their discoveries.they have to remember the whole man. For fifty years they have changed so many medicines because they were found to create new diseases.