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Chapter 1: The Tantra Map

Tantra says: If you are in order, then the whole world is in order for you. When you are in harmony, then the whole existence is in harmony for you. When you are in disorder, then the whole world is disorder. And the order has not to be a false one, it has not to be a forced one. When you force some order upon yourself, you simply become split; deep down the disorder continues.

You can observe it: if you are an angry person you can force your anger, you can repress it deep down in the unconscious; but it is not going to disappear. Maybe you become completely unaware of it, but it is there - and you know that it is there. It is running underneath you, it is in the dark basement of your being, but it is there. On top of it you can sit smiling, but you know it can erupt any moment. And your smile cannot be very deep, and your smile cannot be true, and your smile will be just an effort that you will be making against yourself. A man who forces an order from the outside remains in disorder.

Tantra says: There is another kind of order. You don’t impose any order, you don’t impose any discipline; you simply drop all structures, you simply become natural and spontaneous. It is the greatest step a man can be asked to take. It will need great courage because the society will not like it, the society will be dead against it. The society wants a certain order. If you follow the society, the society is happy with you. If you go a little bit astray here and there, the society is very angry. And the mob is mad.

Tantra is a rebellion. I don’t call it revolutionary, because it has no politics in it. And I don’t call it revolutionary, because it has no plans to change the world, it has no plans to change the state and the society. It is rebellious, it is individual rebellion. It is one individual slipping out of the structures and the slavery. But the moment you slip out of the slavery you come to feel another kind of existence around you which you have never felt before - as if you were living with a blindfold and suddenly the blindfold has become loose, your eyes have opened and you can see a totally different world.

This blindfold is what you call your mind - your thinking, your prejudices, your knowledge, your scriptures; they all make the thick layer of a blindfold. They are keeping you blind, they are keeping you dull, they are keeping you unalive.

Tantra wants you to be alive - as alive as the trees, as alive as the rivers, as alive as the sun and the moon. That is your birthright. You don’t gain anything by losing it; you lose all. And if everything is to be lost in gaining it, nothing is lost. Even a single moment of utter freedom is enough to satisfy. And a long life of a hundred years, yoked like a slave, is meaningless.

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