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Chapter 19: Cowards Cannot Enter Here

You just wait. These gossipers are going to run to the logical conclusion. Soon they will say, “Devageet is ancient.” But it may be that not many people are gossiping about you, just the few - and mind has a tendency to exaggerate, to make everything big.

.Just because you are paranoid, it does not mean that you are not being followed. I am not saying that.

I am not saying that nobody is gossiping, but the number may not be so great. Because everybody is so concerned with himself, nobody has time for anybody else - except people like me, who have nothing to do in the world.

From my very childhood my father used to remind me again and again, “Stop the way you are behaving, stop the way you are growing, because in the end you will become good for nothing.” And he was right: I have become good for nothing.

I don’t have a single thing to do in the world. And because I am not going to live in this world forever, why should I care? Sitting in a waiting room in an airport, who cares what people think about you? You should keep your ears alert when your airplane is leaving. All these idiots will be left behind.

And as far as the question of being a woman is concerned, Socrates has tremendously solacing words for you - and Socrates is a man of tremendous experience as far as women are concerned. He had the worst woman in the whole history of man. Her name was also as terrible as she was: Xanthippe.

Socrates says, “Once made equal to man, woman becomes immediately superior.” Not to let her become superior, there is only one way: to keep her down, inferior. Equality is not possible at all; the moment the woman becomes equal, she is already superior. The reality is that even in her being inferior, she knows perfectly who is superior.

In a small school a teacher asked the little kids, “Do you know of any animal who when he goes out of the house he goes like a lion, and when he comes back into the house he comes like a mouse?”

Little Ernie raised his hand. He was the last person to do something like that. The teacher said, “Good, Ernie. Do you know the animal?”

He said, “I know perfectly. He is my dad. When he goes out, then you see he looks like a lion, and when he comes in, then you see he looks like a mouse.”

Every child knows it.

I have come across a tremendous statement:

.Man will be the last thing civilized by a woman.

The woman goes on civilizing from childhood; she tries to civilize the children, then she tries to civilize the husband, and this goes on. But man will be the last thing; he is almost impossible. Civilization does not suit his taste.

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