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Chapter 3: Politics: The Will-to-Power

Now his political situation is not so solid - shaky. We can help him; there is no problem in it. He can condemn us, he can make the threat that we should be thrown out; he can do anything if it will make his position solid. We will be happy: we supported one drowning man, we saved his drowning status. He may not be thankful to us, but we don’t wait for anybody’s thankfulness, we simply do anything that seems to be humanitarian.

Just now we have been collecting the street people. These senators can become street people any day. Politicians are either in power or on the streets; there is no midway. Even a powerful politician like Indira Gandhi sent me a message: “I am persuading Rajiv to come to you because he is not willing to leave, to resign from his service as a pilot in the Indian airlines.”

And Rajiv’s argument is solid. He says, “The day you are not in power, then how are we going to run the family? We don’t have our own house to live in. I am the only earning member - and in your old age, have I to see you on the streets?” She could not persuade him to resign. And his argument was absolutely clear, “Where will you be?” In the three years when she was not in power and Morarji became the prime minister, it was Rajiv who pulled her through. At least she did not have to beg.

Politics is a strange career. A few things are worth understanding about it, because they will throw light on the human mind. First: only a certain type of man becomes attracted towards politics, just as a certain kind of man becomes attracted towards science, poetry, painting, music, dance. You cannot think of Winston Churchill dancing; that would be simply unimaginable. Nor can you think of Nijinsky as a prime minister. Nijinsky was a dancer, and perhaps the best dancer the world has ever known; his dance was almost magic. He was born to dance.

It was not some talent that he learned; it was some instinct in him, a born quality. The magic was such that no other dancer has been able to imitate it. Once in a while, dancing, he would jump so high that it was against the law of gravitation. Physics cannot explain it. It is not possible with that weight to jump that high. And the most miraculous thing was his coming down: he came so slowly, just like a dry leaf falling in the fall, slowly, with no hurry to reach the ground. That is absolutely against the law of gravitation.

Gravitation is such a pull, it is a magnet. It simply pulls you forcibly; you are not able to manage, or do anything about it. It is not in your hands to come down slowly or to come down fast. Everything falling towards the earth is absolutely helpless - the earth’s gravitation will decide its rate of fall. And the earth is so vast, its power of gravitation is so vast, and we are not even light like a leaf. Even Nijinsky was surprised, always surprised. He could see himself coming down slowly, not falling - as if gliding.

People asked him again and again, “What is the technique, the strategy, the method?”

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