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Chapter 4: The Power of Love

We were trying to help FBI and all these other agencies. Why they were afraid to take my interview? The reason was, they wanted to find few people who can protect the criminals and can indicate false names, innocent people, that these are the real criminals, so that the community can by destroyed. One of the FBI person was being heard by sannyasins, he was saying that, “We are going at least to imprison five hundred sannyasins.” All those sannyasins who are very essential for the life of the commune, to cripple it. They were not interested at all about the crimes.

One of the street people was murdered by Sheela because she has imported special drugs in tons for all those street people, to keep them drugged till the election day. So whatsoever she says to them, they will do it like a robot, almost in a hallucinatory state. This man by accident was drugged twice. He died on the spot. They simply threw his body out of Rancho Rajneesh without any compassion, humanity, without any feeling what they are doing. The police had found the body, but they could not find even the man’s address. He may have come from New York or from anywhere in America. And street people don’t have address. They could not figure out what is his name, they could not figure out how he has died, whether he has been murdered or drugged himself too much.

Just now people are coming, because the fear, the terror of Sheela and her gang is finished, they know now they can say the truth. I wanted to cooperate with the government, with the law, but the government has its own designs. Its design is to use the excuse of Sheela’s crime who has already gone out of country with twenty co-conspirators. A good chance for them in the name of those twenty people who are out of country - just blame innocent people and force them into jail.

Not taking my interview was essential to do this, because I was going to reveal everything. First they said, “You cannot record it.” I insisted that, “It has to be recorded, because in the court you may change.” It was a strange situation, as if I was the interrogator and they were the criminals. “You cannot take a video tape of it.” I insisted.

I said, “We will not release it to the public, we can give you the guarantee, written, but the video will be taken, because we know that you are not worthy of any trust. This video will be a proof that things are totally different and you are presenting before the court different people.”

Sheela and her group has bugged my room, my caretaker’s room, the new president Hasya’s whole house, six rooms, my ex-secretary Laxmi’s room, the whole hotel, all the rooms. Even the FBI experts said, that Nixon is left far behind. They have done such a sophisticated job. He said that, “For one bugging, five years of jail.” And this woman has bugged so many places that even one thousand years will be not enough! You have solid proofs in your hands.

They have found machines in Sheela’s room that all telephones from the commune, going outside or coming in were taped, which is very criminal. It is interference into the freedom of the individual and his privacy. Now what solid proofs they need? We have tapes which we have presented to them, we have the mechanism which was being used, we have people who are ready to confess that they were part in it and who others were part in it. But it seemed as if they were not interested in it. Their interest was somewhere else.

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