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Chapter 7: The Lust for Power

How did you know the point to do something?

When she poisoned my physician, that was the point when I started inquiring from my physician, from my caretaker, about the things and then I declared that I am going to speak and meet people. And then information started coming by and by and I started exposing her. Then I informed the government, the police, the FBI - they are all here.

But doing almost nothing and we have given them every proof and they go on talking that we don’t have any solid proof. I don’t understand what solid proof they want - do they want Sheela murdering somebody, caught red-handed?

This is America.

Whatsoever it is, but what solid proof they had against Nixon?

Nothing happened to Nixon.

Nixon had to leave his presidentship. Otherwise he was going to be thrown out.

Same with Sheela.

No. But she has gone herself, and she has done more criminal acts than Nixon. Nixon has not killed anybody. Has not poisoned people to kill them. She was even putting poison in my milk.

Why did you wait nine months or so?

It was needed, because she was fighting so many cases - I did not want to disturb in the middle. I wanted to things, to come to a conclusion from where a new group can start. And this was the time, when many cases are finished and the new cases will start almost eight months afterwards, so these people within eight months will be perfectly prepared to take over and they will be able to fight - there is no problem.