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Chapter 5: The Truth Is What Works

“Mr. Rajiv Gandhi said it was important to ensure that the essence of our legacy was not lost in this deluge that is coming from the West. The cultural heritage should be preserved and projected as a model of development for the future.”


I wonder, Rajiv Gandhi, whether you are writing your speeches yourself. I think you are an intelligent, educated person. Perhaps these speeches are written by ghost-writers, because I cannot see that you would commit such contradictions.

“Mr. Gandhi said the basic thinking should be one of simple solutions rather than a confrontationist attitude, since that ended up with compromises that don’t work or consensus which works even less.”

Simple solutions for complex problems? Simple solutions for simple problems; complex solutions for complex problems. It is such a clear thing! For all problems simple solutions won’t do, because the problems are complex.

A brain surgeon is dealing with a complex problem, very complex. You cannot call in a butcher to do brain surgery - that will be a simple solution. Soon there will be no problem and nobody who has the problem; both will be finished! A butcher cannot do brain surgery.

Even all surgeons are not capable of doing brain surgery, just very few, very rare geniuses, because the brain is such a complex phenomenon; in a small skull there are millions of nerves.

While doing the surgery your hand should not shake even a little, otherwise you will cut thousands of nerves, which will have effects all over the body. You don’t know where that will lead - to paralysis, to blindness - because everything is controlled by the brain.

If there is a tumor, you have to remove it with such care that nothing else is even touched; the brain is very fragile. And the problems that man has created are very complex. You cannot have simple solutions.

What simple solution is there for birth control? Celibacy? It does not work. What simple solution is there for cancer? Drinking the polluted water of India? Water therapy.or urine therapy?

Urine therapy seems to be the simplest medicine for all diseases. Another ex-prime minister, Morarji Desai, was preaching that the simplest thing for all kinds of diseases - mental, physical, psychological, it does not matter - is just to drink your own urine. It is always available, you don’t have to go to any expert. Just carry a glass with you.

Sometimes I wonder whether to laugh or to weep.

And he says that compromises don’t work; he has forgotten a word, which is synthesis. Compromises don’t work, but synthesis, a synchronicity, works.

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