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Chapter 3: A Call from the Unknown

In a better educational system we will teach every child that that was not life. You were comfortable, but there was no adventure, there was no challenge. Every trace of the fear of entering into the unknown has to be removed from the unconscious by the right kind of education. Then there will be a totally different approach. Whenever you come close to the unknown you will feel a tremendous joy, excitement, the challenge to discover. You will not cling.

But this has not been the case up to now. The whole educational system of the world has not even touched your basic psychological problems. It is not concerned with giving you psychological freedom. The question is not even raised.

I have been in conferences of professors, vice-chancellors, educationists, discussing how to make the educational system work better. And I have told every conference, “All that you say is rubbish: you don’t even touch the basic question. Somebody is saying that students are not obedient, that students are not disciplined, that they are not respectful - so how to make them respectful, obedient?

“Your concerns are superficial and more concerned with yourself, your troubles, your problems, than with the vast world of the young generation. You never talk about their psychological freedom.

“And if you can begin a process, which is possible, so that every student becomes psychologically free of the fear of the unknown - instead of having fear he becomes enchanted with the unknown, in love with the unknown, on a romantic adventure into the world beyond the small mind. If you can manage that, they will be respectful toward you. You have given them such a gift, they cannot be other than respectful. They will be obedient to you because they know you are not going to exploit them. You have been trying to make them psychologically free - how can you exploit them? They will trust you.

“These superficial problems that you go on discussing every year, in every conference.all the solutions are the same every year, and your solutions create more problems because all your solutions are so third-rate. And they are the same: be more strict, expel the students who are not obedient, punish those who are troublemakers. Your solutions make people more disobedient, more against you.

“The situation has come to a point that now students think that they are a class against the class of the teachers. It is a class struggle, just like the poor and the rich. They are making their unions fight, just like other unions, labor unions. Now there are students’ unions whose whole purpose is how to protect students and fight against the teachers, against the institutions. You are not solving problems, you are creating them.”

They would listen to me, but I always felt I was talking to the walls because it would not penetrate their thick skulls. It was almost impossible to reach them. They were so full of knowledge that they were not ready to listen, and particularly not to something so new to them.

And it is a simple thing. The birth trauma is one of the most important things in life because it is the beginning, the seed of everything that is going to happen later on. And we have to change that trauma. Otherwise humanity is going to remain the same - always afraid of the unknown, fearful, not courageous, not looking for adventure, not looking for and discovering new spaces.

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