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Chapter 3: They Know Me Not

And then the logician asked the shop owner: What is the matter? If I cannot fit this puzzle together how do you expect that a child of five years will be able to fix it?

The shop owner started laughing, a mad laugh, he said: It is not meant to be solved, this toy is not meant to be solved. This is just to introduce the child to the modern world, to modern life: whatsoever you do, you cannot solve it. It has been made with a specific purpose - that it cannot be solved!

Life has been made with a specific purpose: that it is purposeless, that it is not something to be solved but something to be lived, enjoyed. You can celebrate it. You can dance it. You can sing it. Millions of possibilities of what to do with life are there, but please, never try to solve it, otherwise you have taken a wrong step. And then never in your life will you again be in step with life.

Who told you that this is a problem - these trees, this sky, the clouds, the sand, the sea - who told you that these are problems to be solved? But, the mind wants challenges, something to fight with. Even if there is no problem it creates ghost-problems to solve. By solving them it feels good; ego is enhanced, fulfilled, you have conquered something.

This is the basic standpoint of religion - that life has to be lived. It needs, not a knowledgeable mind, but a wondering heart. Wonder as much as you can. In the West they say that philosophy was born out of wonder, but that seems to be wrong, because a philosophy is born only when the wonder is murdered. On the death of wonder philosophy erects its structure.

If wonder remains then there can be no philosophy. Wonder is a state of being: open, allowing, a let-go. You enjoy but you don’t ask questions. You love life but you are not bothered why it is there. The why of it does not become an obsession. The what of it does not become an illness in you, that you first have to know it, why it is, what it is. You simply accept it as it is, and you wonder!

And wonder is not a mental thing, it is of the heart. You are surprised by everything that you come across - a bud opening and becoming a flower. Again the whole creation is being created and you in your foolishness are asking: How did God create the world? Why did God create the world? - and he is creating right now! In front of your eyes!

Watch it! Let that bud open there and become a flower and don’t bring in your mind full of questions. Just look with a wondering heart - and you will know! You will come to know through wonder, not through inquiry. And if wonder is attained, then Lao Tzu is absolutely simple - so obvious! As obvious as life itself.

Truth is simple. Nothing has to be said about it. And, you will understand it because you are part of it. You have never gone out of it. You remain in the ocean, you are born out of it, you dissolve into it. The ocean lives through you, moment to moment. In every heartbeat of yours, the whole beats. In you the whole walks, in you the whole feels hunger, in you the whole feels satiety, in you the whole loves! and is loved! In you the whole is born every moment!

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