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Chapter 20: Democracy Is Yet to Happen

I am a man of the moment: I look neither backward, nor do I look forward. This moment herenow is enough unto itself. If I feel like speaking I speak - whether there is anybody to hear it or not does not matter. If I don’t want to speak, even if the whole world is ready to listen, I will not speak. I simply live according to my feelings.

I see. Well, your words tonight are going to be read by at least four million people.

That’s good.

Getting onto another subject which I know is not taboo here.

No, nothing is tabooed here, so you can discuss any subject without any inhibition.

I believe for at least a year you have been aware of the danger of the AIDS problem, and you have instilled careful precautions amongst your sannyasins - is that correct?

That’s right.

For how long have you been aware of this danger?

Just for the last year.

Do you think it could destroy mankind or.?

It can. It has every possibility. It is not a normal disease, because it has no cure. In fact, to call it a disease is not right; it is death itself. Only death has no cure. And the ways it spreads are so many, that’s why it is almost going to kill two-thirds of humanity. You can catch it just by kissing somebody, you can catch it by wiping somebody’s tears, you can catch it by somebody sneezing at you.

It used to be a joke that sex is nothing but a sneeze. For the first time it has become a reality. Any liquid coming out of the body of the person who is suffering from AIDS can infect you. And once you are infected you become a carrier; you will infect your wife, your children, everybody - unconsciously, unknowingly.

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