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Chapter 12: The Lesson of Harmony

I remember a Sufi mystic, Bayazid, who remained in a village for many years. One day the villagers said to Bayazid, “We have been seeing you and hearing you for at least five years. You were praying and talking to God. Now we see that you never talk, you never pray. Why this change? Have you become an atheist? Have you lost your belief in the divine? You never talk now to God, you never pray.”

Bayazid laughed and said, “Before, I was talking and praying. Now God has started talking to me, so I have to be silent and listen. Now the whole process has changed. Now I need not talk. Now, he talks to me!”

This moment comes. But this moment comes only when your heart is filled with melody, when a divine silence has come into you - there is no more noise. Wherever you look you feel the music, wherever you look you feel the unity, wherever you look you feel the one in different forms. Now, you have become aware of the sea, waves have disappeared for you. There are no waves, only the ocean exists. Then the divine talks to you directly.

It is not a metaphor. Existence speaks to you directly: it is not a metaphor, it is not a poetic expression - it happens! But you have to be ready, and that readiness means a heart filled with music, a heart filled with silence.

The sixth sutra:

Learn from it the lesson of harmony.

Life itself has speech and is never silent. And its utterance is not, as you that are deaf may suppose, a cry; it is a song. Learn from it that you are part of the harmony; learn from it to obey the laws of the harmony.

As you are right now, life appears to be a cry. It is not. It appears to be a cry because you are disturbed. Life is a song, but to hear the song you must become a song yourself, because only like can understand like.

You are a cry - that’s why the song of life appears like a cry and like a scream. It is because of you. You destroy it, you disturb it, you distort it. When it comes to you it comes as a song, but when it hits you it becomes a cry, because you are a cry. You are ill, you are diseased. You are fragmentary, you are not total. The song is destroyed within you.

Become a song yourself, and then the whole of life appears as a song. Then there is no negativity. When you are positive, the whole of life becomes positive.

This is what I mean by a theist. Theism doesn’t mean a belief in God, theism doesn’t mean believing in a theology. Theism means a total yes to existence, saying yes to existence.

But when can you say yes? You can say it only when you have heard the song. How can you say yes to a cry? How can you say yes to a noise, a mad noise? How can you say yes to the insanity that appears all around? Death, misery - how can you say yes? But it is there because of you, because of your eyes. Your eyes are a distorting factor. It is because of your heart. Your heart is filled with suffering and misery, it cannot find anything else. It is your own echo.

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