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Chapter 14: Mind with a Small m

I am saying this because Hindu chauvinists are trying to force harijans to enter the temples, and the more orthodox Hindus are trying to prevent them. The whole thing is so stupid! The harijans should simply refuse to enter any Hindu temple or any Mohammedan mosque or any church. You are enough unto yourself. If I don’t need any religion, if I don’t need any temple, if I don’t need any scripture, if I’m sufficient unto myself, why can’t you be?

But it seems the slaves are as much responsible for slavery as the slave-makers themselves. The slaves want to be slaves; they want to be dependent. They are afraid - without the priesthood, without the temples - of what would happen to their spiritual growth.

I say to everyone: spiritual growth is an individual affair. It needs no organization; it needs no special place. It only needs you to enter into your own space.

A non-Buddhist presented Hogen with a screen
that had a picture painted on it.
When he had finished looking at it,
Hogen said, “Did you paint this with your hand or your mind?”

I have to remind you of one thing: Buddhists write mind with a small m, when they mean “your mind,” and when they want to mean “the universal mind” they write Mind, with a capital M.

In this question Hogen has asked about a small m mind.

The artist answered, “With my mind.”

Small m.

Hogen said, “What is this mind of yours?”
The artist had no answer.

Poor artist! A very ordinary artist facing a great master; an artist who knows nothing of the intricacies and the workings of the mind - what to say about the no-mind? .And if a picture comes from this mind, it is going to be just a reflection of your craziness, insanity. Unless you know the no-mind, unless you know the space beyond mind, your painting, your poetry, your music cannot be sane.

We are living on an insane planet. From after the Second World War up to today, without any great war happening, seventeen million people have been killed in small wars, of which nobody takes any note. Is something basically wrong with the mind? It is violent, it is murderous, it is suicidal, it gives you misery, suffering, agony, anguish, and still you go on clinging to it.

This has to be remembered by my people: unless your art, your creation comes out of your meditation, it has no value at all. But out of meditation, out of silence, every song becomes Solomon’s song, and every picture represents - as a mirror will represent - a buddha. Before you create anything, uncreate your mind.

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