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Chapter 2: The Unknown Is Calling

All I can say is that with the new even suffering is sweet. And a little suffering will come with the new - do you think that those young birds that flew away did not experience any pain? They will experience gusts of wind, rain in the night, and now they have landed on some new tree without their nest. Their wings will have become wet. They must have been shivering with cold. They may even have thought to themselves: “Our nest was better. What trouble have we got ourselves into?”

But still the joy of flying in the sky is such that all these prices can be paid. One must pay. And someone who pays the price attains.

A breeze laden with fragrance
Yet with flighty feet.
What season is this?
Even pain feels intimate.

Songs of unknown melodies casting magic,
Fields of tossing flowers shaded by wintry clouds.

Today my heart is out of control,
A sky soaked with songs.
Who has cast a spell on my being?
Now even pain feels intimate.

What are you saying, O wandering ray of sorrow?
Why are you flowing so aimlessly through the mist?

Love has a saying:
The fulfillment of love is its promise.
A dream has awakened in my eyes,
Even pain feels intimate.

Dusk calls through the fields heavy with full youth.
Like the sound of a flute, only my solitary voice exists.

Solitude is beckoning,
A piercing of the body and heart.
What season is this?
Even pain feels intimate.

With the new, even pain is very intimate. With the old, even convenience and comfort are nothing but a slow suicide. What is there to leave behind? What will you lose? You have never attained anything, so what have you got to lose?

Search and seek! And go on searching until you find it. Until then don't stop your feet, don't close your wings. No matter how afraid you are you have to try your wings, you have to fly into the sky. And this challenge is already awake in you, how long can you deny it? How long can you keep turning back?

Don’t let this turning back become a habit. Don’t let this turning back become your pattern. Before it becomes a habit do something. Wake up a little, gather courage.

If you wish to cross this roaring ocean
Take life into your hands and plunge into the waves.

These waves are coming from places faraway
Bringing messages afresh from the new world.
How much longer will you sit on this shore contemplating?
While veenas taking voice call you sweetly from the other shore.

If you wish new life, new youth, new heart
Today you must embrace the swelling ocean.

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