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Chapter 24: The Third Alternative: The Whole Man

Meera’s songs are full of lust, because she denied herself the company of men; God became her only companion. Of course it is just a fantasy, but in her fantasy she is absolutely romantic. She talks to Krishna, her God; she sleeps with Krishna - of course she cannot find the real Krishna so she keeps a statue of Krishna close to her heart when she sleeps.

The way she sings about Krishna can, without any interpretation, be easily understood as sexual perversion. She says, “I am married to you, my lord. I can only be yours, I cannot be anyone else’s. You are my heart, and I am waiting for you, waiting for you. And I will wait till eternity.”

The word she uses - because in India when a couple gets married, the first night.. In India there is no honeymoon as such. Instead of a honeymoon is the first night. It is called suhagrat ‘the night of bliss’. The wife prepares the bed with beautiful flowers, roses, bela - and there are thousands of beautiful flowers in the East. She hangs garlands all around, she almost covers herself with flowers. That night, gold is worth nothing; the fragrance of the flowers is the most valuable. She prepares the bed and waits for her husband to come in.

Meera goes on singing the same thing: “I have been preparing the bed every day with beautiful flowers, and I go on waiting and you have not come yet.” Now, is there any doubt that in her mind Krishna has become just an object of love? She cries, she weeps, she sings, she dances, but it is always in the name of Krishna. Sigmund Freud would have found tremendous support, from Meera and her songs and her life, for his idea that if you repress sex it takes some other path.

But energy has to move. It can take a religious way; then the priests are happy. It can become academic; then the academicians are happy. It can become scientific; then the scientists are happy. It has to become something - that’s why sex-repressive societies have developed in so many directions. Yes, they have become very cultured, polished, civilized, educated, scientific, technological. But at what cost?

They have lost all joy. They have lost all peace. They have lost all silence. They have lost all love.

You can project your love towards an imaginary object but it is not going to give you fulfillment. You can go on writing poetry about Krishna or Christ, but that poetry is not going to give you the experience of love. You will remain starved. So the society has become really rich in every possible way - but the individual has died. And what is the point of the society becoming cultured, civilized, educated, technological? For whom?

The individual is dead.

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