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Chapter 11: And the Wheel Moves

These people have done no harm, and the people who have done harm, we don’t think of them as addicts of some kind of drug. Their drugs are very sophisticated. And the struggle has been that these sophisticated drug addicts have been harassing the poor drug addicts throughout history. Still they are doing the same, and they will continue to do the same. But they cannot change the situation for a simple reason: why should a person be conscious? There is nothing.

Unconsciousness has an attraction. It helps you to forget all your worries, responsibilities. It helps you to relax. The whole world disappears, with its nuclear weapons and Ronald Reagans. That’s the reason why people have not tried to be more conscious: because the small consciousness has not given them the taste to desire more. It has been a really bitter experience; they don’t want it.

These are the two ways: either the world becomes so beautiful that the bitterness of consciousness changes into a sweet experience - which is not going to happen, which is almost hoping against hope. The other possibility is that individuals can increase their consciousness, and as they increase their consciousness, the bitterness disappears. They come upon a fresh ground which the world has not contaminated yet. The deeper they go into consciousness, the more fresh the ground, the more fresh the water, coming directly from the glaciers - and then a great longing to have it all. Then each life they will be increasing their consciousness.

Otherwise each life has been a bitter experience: you have not gained anything of worth, you have simply lost a whole life. You have suffered in misery and somehow lived - almost carrying your own corpse on your own shoulders - and died.

This experience is not going to give you a higher quality in the coming life - perhaps a lower quality so that you are less conscious and you suffer less. It can give you a state in which you are almost unconscious so that you don’t suffer. If your suffering has been too unbearable, then the next life will protect you, but that will be going down. It can mean.anything.

For example, one Indian saint, Surdas - his songs are beautiful. He was a great poet, but his life was not. Because of his devotional songs and because of his sacrifice, a tremendous sacrifice..

He was a sannyasin and he used to go to beg, and one woman, a young woman, asked him, “What is the need for you to go to other houses? I will prepare food every day, I love to give food to you. Can’t you be so kind to me?”

He could not say no, because in the Hindu religion there is no restriction. The Buddhist monk cannot go to the same house every day, he has to change. The Jaina monk cannot go to the same house every day, he has to change. But in Hinduism there is no restriction, so he started going. She was preparing delicious food for him, and he would take the food with gratitude.

But one day he thought, “Why is this woman taking so much trouble? Every day she is preparing so much delicious food for me. I should ask her.” And he asked her, “Why are you taking so much trouble?”

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