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Chapter 19: You Cannot Avoid What You Are

They live like this for three weeks. Then one night they bump into each other on the stairs.

“What are you doing out of bed?” asks Maureen.

“I can’t stay upstairs on my own anymore,” replies Paddy. “I’m coming downstairs to die.”

“Thank God for that,” says Maureen, “because I was just coming upstairs to kill you!”

Big Chief Running Bear walks into the drugstore and starts complaining to the druggist.

“Rubbers you give me no good!” he says, “Chief go, Ugh! Squaw go, Ugh! Rubbers go, Boom!”

The druggist is very sorry and gives the Indian a new package.

“These are the strongest rubbers made,” he says.

The next day, the chief is back.

“Rubber no good!” He explains, “Chief go, Ugh! Squaw go, Ugh! Rubbers go, Boom!”

The frustrated druggist goes into the back of his shop, cuts a piece from a bicycle tire, and glues one end shut. He then goes back into the shop and hands it to the chief.

Next morning, the squaw comes into the drugstore.

“Rubber you sell chief too good,” she says, “Chief go, Ugh! Squaw go, Ugh! Chief’s ball go, Boom!”

This is a world where a variety of people exist. You are a special case. But this woman.just wait; she is going to torture you! Beware of this woman, otherwise tomorrow will come the question of how to get rid of a woman - and everything has gone, Boom!

It is better, Niskriya, to be silent. You are here to meditate. But that woman is too much for you, absolutely determined.unafraid, not knowing you. A few others are also becoming interested.

Have you asked the question or is it a kind of advertisement?

The more I meditate, the more empty I get inside. I had an idea that when one meditates, one slowly is transformed into being more laughing and loving, but I just get hollow and empty and start withdrawing myself from others. I prefer now to be alone, but I do not feel happy; the hollowness in me makes me feel deep sorrow.
Osho, what is happening to me?

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