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Chapter 8: Just a Quantum Leap

And this will be helpful to Amitabh too, because he will be unburdened. He wanted deeply that Sambodhi should be directly related to me, not through him. He was feeling a little embarrassed. He will be happy that the thing has happened.

Now don’t hesitate. “Since returning to Pune two weeks ago I feel myself becoming attached to you. Before I never gave much thought to how long you would remain in your body and now I am wanting you to stay a long time.” Disciplehood is born. And the master is not only his soul, he is his body too. And when you come close to the master, the first thing that starts changing you is his body.

You will be surprised to know this, I have never said it before: his very matter starts changing your matter. His very matter becomes contagious. Your soul will be changed later on, it cannot be changed in the beginning. Things have to move from the outer toward the inner, from the exterior toward the interior. First the temple has to be changed, only then the deity.

So there is naturally a deep attachment with the master’s body. It is not just accidental that many master’s bodies have been protected down the ages. In Tibet they have protected ninety-nine bodies down the ages. The very matter, the very body where enlightenment has been recognized and has happened, transforms its quality. It vibrates in a new rhythm. To be close to it is to be permeated by its vibration. To touch the body of the master is to partake of his body. That is why Jesus says, “Eat me, drink me.” A master has to be eaten, drunk. A master has to be digested, chewed, so he enters the deepest matter of your being. The body is the beginning and the beginning has to be transformed. Only a transformed body will know a transformed being. Only in a different rhythm of the body will you know the divine, because the gestalt will change.

So it is very natural that disciples become attached to the body of their master. Even when the master is gone the body will be worshipped. Just a hair of Mohammed is kept in Srinagar, in a mosque - just a single hair! - and it has tremendous effect on those who know how to be in the presence of that single hair because that single hair has the same vibe as Mohammed. It continues to vibrate in the same way. It contains the subtlest message: the real Koran is contained in that hair.

The tree under which Buddha became enlightened has been preserved for twenty-five centuries, because the tree has a different vibe. No other tree in the whole world has that vibe. It is unique, it has seen something happening. When Buddha was transformed, naturally the tree absorbed all those vibrations. It drank. Those vibrations penetrated the very fibers of the tree. The tree still vibrates in the same way. Still, to sit under the Bodhi Tree is a tremendous experience - but only if you know. If you are aware and alert and in love with Buddha, then the secret of the tree will be revealed to you.

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