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Chapter 18: Logic Is a Prostitute

All religions are organized around corpses. Don’t worry about them; they don’t have any power, they don’t have any life. The politicians have died with the second world war. The second world war was a milestone in the history of man.

Now, either man chooses a global death or he chooses to give birth to a new man who will not need any politicians, any priests, who will not need any leaders - who will be sufficient unto himself.

My brother, who is twenty-one years old, thinks it is ridiculous to work.
In Holland living on social security and unemployment benefits is becoming an uncreative and dependent way of life. Please comment.

It is going to happen in all the developed countries, not only in Holland, because machines are replacing men.

A machine is more efficient and can do the work of thousands of people. A machine is very reliable: it never revolts, never goes on strike, does not make any unions; there is no fear that the machines will overthrow the government.

All the vested interests in the world are trying to exchange men for machines, computers and other sophisticated technologies. Naturally, if they are going to depend on robots, they are going to take away all the dignity of man. They will pay men.In fact the person who insists on employment will be paid less than the person who is ready and willing to be unemployed; the unemployed will be paid more.

But a man who has no work has lost something very significant - his creativity. Now, twenty-four hours a day he is empty; he lives like a ghost, a posthumous existence. Money he will have, but not the pride of being human. And if people are not working they are going to become lazier and lazier; they will become drunkards, they will become gamblers. They will have to do something; nature has not created you to be retired while you are young, to be retired even before you start work.

Many will commit suicide, many will commit murders just for excitement’s sake. And finally, if these people have any guts they are going to destroy the computers, the technology, the machines which have taken their dignity, their whole soul. It is now a small fragment, but soon more and more people will be in the same position. I would like the governments of the world to know that machines may be more efficient, but they cannot take the place of man.

You can use machines where it is dangerous to a man’s life to work - for example, deep in the mines, coal mines, gold mines and other mines. Use the machines to explore existence; use the machines to explore the underwater world; use the machines to go inside the earth to explore - use them as servants. But don’t make them masters; otherwise, sooner or later even the people who are destroying the dignity of other human beings will also be thrown out.

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