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Chapter 19: God Is Not a Utility

He said, “I have heard that time is money, so the more of it the better!”

His whole concern is about things, not about persons. Love is concerned with persons, the money-oriented mind is concerned with things. And this type of man is continuously busy; he is never at rest, he cannot be, because there is always more and more to be accumulated. There is no end to it.

A man of love can rest. There is a fulfillment when you can rest. But a man after money can never rest because there is no end to it. And there is never fulfillment because money cannot fulfill the soul; the soul remains empty, the inner remains a void. You go on throwing things into it but they never touch your inner emptiness. The more you accumulate, the more you become aware that you are empty, your hands are empty; money is with you but you have lost yourself. Your whole effort is not to look at this fact, because this is very painful.

The businessman runs after money more and more. He wants to completely forget himself in the money; money becomes an intoxicant. He is always busy, a businessman is always busy about nothing. I say about nothing, because in the end it proves nothing. All that you possess proves to be as if you were making drawings on water: they disappear; death comes and your whole effort is nullified. Death negates the businessman.

I would like to tell you that only the businessman dies, nobody else, but he constitutes ninety-nine percent of people. Only the businessman dies because only he accumulates things, and death can snatch things away. Death cannot take your love, death cannot take your prayer, death cannot take your meditation, death cannot take away your godliness. But a businessman only becomes interested in God if there is some business to be done.

Once it happened:

The weather was bad and stormy, and an airplane was lost. The fog was so dense that everybody became afraid and fearful. A minister was aboard; except for him, everybody was weeping, crying, perspiring. The moment was dangerous; any moment, death. Even the pilot was perspiring and nervous. The minister told everybody to kneel down and pray. They all, except the businessman, kneeled and started praying.

The minister asked the businessman, “Why are you not praying?”

The man said, “Forgive me, Father, because I don’t know how to pray. I have never prayed.”

And there was no time to teach the man: any moment the plane would be falling, any moment it would crash. So the minister said, “Okay, there is no time left now. So you just behave as if you are in a church.”

The businessman walked down the aisle and collected money from people.

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