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Chapter 3: Live Naturally

The individual soul is like a drop, and the universal soul is the ocean. Yet if you come to experience the drop you will begin to experience the ocean too, because the ocean is hidden within the drop. And what else is the ocean other than a collection of drops?

You are like a ray of light, the universal self is the sun. The sun is nothing but the combining of these rays. The universal self is the combination of all of us. The universal self is the totality of all of us. You go out searching for the universal self but you have not yet destroyed your ego, you have not yet recognized even this one ray that is you and you go in search of the sun! You will wander far.. Right now you are false, so whatever you find will also be false. The false cannot attain to the truth, the false will only find greater falsities.

The ego is false, a drama, so whatever you do while this drama is playing will be illusory. You can make vows, you can do ascetic practices, disciplines, you can fast, you can abandon your home and go to the jungle, but nothing will come of it. Your ego will just make new ornaments from all of these, it will just become more beautified and better adorned. From this your ego will not die, it will get more life, become more nourished. And until the ego dies there can be no experience of the soul. To experience the soul the ego must be lost. Die, o yogi, die! Die, sweet is this dying.

Gorakh says: The death I am telling you about is very sweet. If one dies this death, then life is nothing but sweetness. Truth is very sweet when you experience it. It is the taste of nectar. It permeates the body and heart; you are filled with it, overflowing with it. Certainly someone who has found the truth is fulfilled. But droplets of this fulfillment also start falling on those who are near him, lightly showering on those who sit in his shelter. But first one must die - this is the condition.

If the false dies, then the truth is born. This truth is present within you, but imprisoned in a wall of lies. Clouds of lies have hidden the sun of truth. It has not been destroyed. What lie can destroy truth? It is not lost either, it has just been forgotten. It is the same as when there is a veil covering someone’s face; the face has not vanished, it is just veiled, not visible.

We have hidden our soul behind the veil of ego. People think that there is a veil covering this mystery of the universal self. They are wrong. The veil is on your eyes! The veil is covering you! The universal self is completely naked, unveiled. The universal self exists all around you but you need the eyes to see it.

Today’s sutra is about how this sweet death can happen. What is the process? What is the essential discipline to go through?.sutras about this. How can we also die this death? What is this death of Gorakh’s? Die this death..

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