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Chapter 20: The Other: Hell, or the Door to the Divine

The very word husband is ugly; it means a farmer. It was thought that the man is the farmer and the woman is the earth, so he sows his seeds in the woman and she goes on reproducing. He created the myth that he is the real producer, the farmer; and he pushed the woman - who is the real creative force - to a status that is almost to the point where it becomes inhuman and starts hurting.

In many countries, the woman has never been given voting rights. In many countries, the woman is not accepted as having a soul; she is just to serve nature. In almost all countries, the woman is not expected to enter certain temples, certain sacred holy places, because she is unholy.

For thousands of years continuously, the woman has been crippled, crushed, exploited - almost murdered. And yet, she is still the backbone of humanity. Without her, there is no humanity. Without man, there is a possibility for humanity to exist, because the function of man biologically is negligible. It is the function of a doctor’s syringe. And the syringe can do it more hygienically than you could ever do it.

This situation for thousands of years has gathered too much revolt in the unconscious of the woman. That revolt comes out in small matters - in nagging, in fighting. The matters are almost immaterial, and people are continuously fighting for them. It seems the fighting is material. They need any excuse to fight, it doesn’t matter what the excuse is.

It is a painful stage, because half of humanity is not even accepted as human.

The remaining half cannot be free, either.

One Sufi mystic, Junnaid, was going to the mosque with his disciples. On the road, they saw a man who was trying to move his cow. It was apparent, clear that the man was absolutely new at the job. He was doing hard work, pulling the cow with the rope, but the cow was stronger. She was backwards. He would manage somehow to pull her one foot, and she would back up two feet.

Junnaid and his disciples stood there.because that was the method of Junnaid, to use actual situations in life for teaching. He said, “This man has done no harm to the cow. He is taking her home, where food will be ready, shelter will be ready; a cozier, warmer place will be ready - but why is the cow reluctant? Why is she feeling annoyed, irritated, humiliated? Rather than going home with him, she’s fighting!”

Junnaid said this to his disciples and the servant who was taking the cow was also listening. Junnaid said, “There is an art that, even in the smallest job like this, is needed. This man has good intentions but has no understanding of how the mind of man or animals functions. He’s creating a reaction. He’s making the cow an enemy.”

He said to the man: “This is not the way. You are new; you just stand aside and I will show you what has to be done.”

And he went into his house, brought out a bundle of green grass, and just walked ahead of the cow - not even a rope on the neck of the cow. He simply walked. Sometimes he went slowly, and when the cow would come too close he would go fast, almost running. The cow would start running.

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