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Chapter 2: Your True, Authentic, Original Face

Call Brahma and Vishnu lecherous. Call Shiva lecherous - the first hippie of the world!

But this is the situation with all the religions. Hinduism is not an exception.

Five hundred pages in the Old Testament of the Bible are absolutely obscene. One friend of mine has taken out all the five hundred pages and made a new book, The X-Rated Holy Bible. Now the Christians are after him. But the book has gone ahead - although banned by many countries, it has reached an underground market.

Five hundred pages? And no Jew, no Christian - because both believe in the Old Testament - has ever objected? Call these people lecherous. And these were the prophets who have been writing all these things.

I am determined to expose everything, without holding anything back. So it is perfectly good that these people should continue to write against me. That will give me material, subject matter. Soon they will realize they are cutting their own heads.

I am not a man who can be suppressed by just calling me names. Criticize what I am saying, look at your face in the mirror, and find the passages in your own scriptures. You will find much more, because I am only giving samples to my people.

Another Marathi newspaper editor has asked me that, “How can two souls live in one body?” - as if he understands what a soul is!

The soul is pure light, and in a room you can have one candle, you can have one thousand candles, because the light does not take space. The light is not the thing that takes the space. You can have one thousand.You can see around you thousands of bulbs and thousands of lights. The lights are not struggling for space, for territory. Light is not a space thing - and the soul consists only of the purest light, which does not need any fuel. So there is no question.

The editor has asked if I can prove this.

It is an already proved fact; I don’t have to prove it.

All over the world people know it already, that a man can be possessed by spirits - and not only one. The highest count has been sixteen, sixteen souls possessing one man’s body.

And if you want more data and research on the subject, you should go to Rajasthan, to Jaipur, to have a look in the University of Rajasthan - that is the only university in India which has a department for parapsychology. They have been collecting all the cases of possession by spirits - so you will know that it is not a question at all of space. Two souls can be in one body without any difficulty. They don’t have any conflict of territory.

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