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Chapter 8: Die to the Past

And for a few months, almost three months, you should not bother about anything else. The first stage is very important because it gives the foundation. Loudly, as if your every cell of the body is crying it, chanting it..

After three months, when you feel your body is completely saturated, it has entered deep down into the body cells - and when you say it loudly, it is not only from the mouth: from head to toe, the whole body is repeating it.. It comes! If you continuously repeat it for three months, at least one hour per day, within three months you will feel that it is not the mouth, it is the whole body. It happens - it has happened many times.

If you do it really honestly, authentically, are not deceiving yourself, if it is not lukewarm but a hundred-degree phenomenon, then even others can listen. They can put their ears to your feet, and when you say it loudly they will hear it coming from your bones, because the whole body can absorb sound and the whole body can create sound. There is no problem about it. Your mouth is just a part of the body, a specialized part, that’s all. If you try, your whole body can repeat it.

It happened: one Hindu sannyasin, Swami Ram, did it for many years, loudly chanting “Ram.” Once he was staying in a Himalayan village with a friend. The friend was a very well-known Sikh writer, Sardar Purnasingh. In the middle of the night Purnasingh suddenly heard a chanting of “Ram, Ram, Ram.” There was nobody else - only Ram, Swami Ram, and himself. They were both sleeping on their cots, the village was far away - almost two, three miles away. There was nobody.

So Purnasingh got up, went around the cottage; there was nobody. And as he went farther from Ram, the sound became less and less. When he came back, the sound was again more. Then he came nearer Ram, who was fast asleep. The moment he came nearer, the sound became even more loud. Then he put his ear to Ram’s body. The whole body was vibrating with the sound of “Ram.”

It happens: your whole body can become saturated. This is the first step - three months, six months - but you must feel saturated. And the saturation is felt just like when you are hungry and you take food - how you feel when the stomach is satisfied. The body must be satisfied first, and if you continue, it may happen in three months or six months. Three months is the average limit; to a few people it happens even before, to a few it takes a little time more.

If it saturates the whole body, sex will disappear completely. The whole body is so soothed, it becomes so calm with the sound vibrating that there is no need to throw the energy out, there is no need to release, and you will feel very, very powerful. But don’t use this power.because you can use it, but all use will be misuse. This is just a first step.

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