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Chapter 11: Beyond the Three Bodies

People used to think, “How can saying something into the ears of a dying person help?” But now it has been proved, because in Russia hypnopompic experiments are happening on a large scale. Russian scientists have the idea that in the coming century, children will not need to go to school in the daytime for their studies. Rather, the schools will educate the children in the night, while they sleep. The Russian scientists say that if something is said at a certain frequency into the ear of a child when he is asleep, it will enter into his unconscious mind.

There have been many successful experiments in this area. For instance, a child who is very weak in mathematics, and nothing has helped to improve his performance - the teachers are fed up with him - becomes more proficient when it is taught to him in his sleep. And he is never aware that it has been taught to him while he was asleep!

There have been some amazing experiments with languages. A language that can normally be learned in three years’ time, can be learned in only three months if it is taught during sleep. No separate time is needed to learn because your sleep is not disturbed - you happily go on sleeping. You are simply not aware that anything has happened. In the morning you are asked to go through an examination to check on all that had been taught to you during the night.

In Russia they have already created some schools for teaching thousands of children during their sleep. A small device is fitted near each child on his pillow when he goes to sleep. The teaching begins at midnight and continues for two hours; then the child is woken up. The device itself manages all this: it wakes the child with the sound of a bell. The child is woken up because if he falls into deep sleep right after the lesson, he will forget all that has been taught to him. I am telling you all this to explain this sutra; otherwise you will not be able to grasp it. So the child will wake up with the sound of a bell after two hours of lessons. This is just to prevent the memory of the lesson from being erased by deep sleep right after his lesson. After waking up he has to wash his face, to freshen up, and then go back to sleep again; nothing else is required of him. Again at four o’clock in the morning the teaching will begin - the same lesson will be repeated between four and six a.m. - and then at six a.m. the child will wake up.

You cannot imagine how much teaching can be absorbed in just four hours! The Russian scientists say that soon they will be able to save children from the imprisonment of school. It is a dangerous prison: because of it, small children cannot play or have fun or jump or dance and be wild. From their very childhood they are put in that prison. To force small children to sit still on stiff benches for five or six hours a day is unnecessarily wasting the most precious and golden period of their lives. This is the cause of the misery and suffering in the lives of most people - because when it was possible to become the most happy, when life was fresh and had a cheerfulness about it, when a contact with life could have happened, all their time was wasted with geography and history and mathematics. And all that children will gain through this is a livelihood, not a life. This means that they have to miss life for the sake of a livelihood.

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