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Chapter 4: How Coarse!

Rafia has brought a small gift for the Museum of Gods, and it is not a toy. In the beginning it was produced as a toy. Now the so-called intelligent and civilized and mature people are carrying it with themselves, and psychologists are even suggesting that it is helpful. If you are feeling angry, rather then using a machine-gun, use this small instrument. If you are wanting to use old methods, then the middle button is for bombing.(The master aims a small black box at the audience and pushes the middle button, making bombing sounds for some time. See photo on page 190.)

The first button is for death rays.

(He pushes the left button, making electronic siren sounds.)

And the third button is for nuclear weapons, missiles.

(He pushes the right button, making sounds like flying missiles that land with loud explosions.)

Buttons exactly like these are going to destroy humanity. And why have people started carrying this toy? Psychologists suggest that it helps to release your anger.

If there is somebody you want to kill, three ways are available. For a faraway enemy - this is the latest witchcraft - send nuclear missiles.

(He pushes the button, making more missile sounds.)

If the enemy is very close by, bombing is better.

(He pushes the bombing button again.)

If you don’t want to destroy things, only life, then death rays are good.

(He sends out some more death ray sounds.)

Now it is being carried by adult, mature people in their pockets. It seems that killing has become a god in itself. There have been war-gods, whose only function is to create war; there have been destruction-gods - for example Shiva, in Hindu mythology, is the one who will destroy the whole of humanity. I don’t think Ronald Reagan will be able to compete with Shiva. He is trying his best to be the Shiva of Hindu mythology.

This small instrument shows the mind of man. Death rays simply kill life; they don’t destroy your houses, they don’t destroy your furniture, they don’t destroy anything but only the living. You will be destroyed, your plants, your trees will be destroyed, and all that is dead will remain. Just think of a place where everything alive has been destroyed and only dead things are standing untouched: it will create a nightmare to your mind.

And this small instrument is exactly the replica of what Gorbachev and Ronald Reagan are carrying with themselves. It is just a question of pushing a button, and immediately life will disappear from this earth. It has never been so easy to destroy.

All religions have been life-negative, and that is the cause of this much destructiveness in the human mind. If they had told people to learn silence and peace and meditation, and love life, and dance life, then these idiots like Ronald Reagan would not have happened. It is all the religions that are destroying man’s love for life, man’s love for joy, man’s love for laughter, for dancing, for playing music, for singing. Everything has been denied by the religions, and the ultimate consequence is that the whole creative energy in man has turned to being self-destructive.

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