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Chapter 1: The Psychology of War

Recently, a Scandinavian man was thrown out of a car in an accident in which his head was injured. When he came to his senses in the hospital he could not believe what he was hearing - he heard someone singing. For a while he thought he was going crazy, but in a day or two the whole matter became clear. There was a radio station within a ten-mile radius of him, and his ears were picking up the radio frequencies. Later, his ears were thoroughly checked but nothing unusual was found. However it was discovered that as a result of the blow received in the car accident, some hidden power in the ear had become activated. He was operated on since there was no way that the music in his ears could be turned on or turned off.

A couple of years ago a lady in England began to see stars in broad daylight. This was also the result of an accident. She fell from a roof and began to see stars in the daytime. Of course stars are there during the day: they never disappear, it is simply that they are overpowered by the sunlight. When the light has gone in the evening they again become visible. If our eyes could penetrate the sunlight they would be able to see stars in daytime. That woman’s eyes were also operated on.

I have mentioned all this to point out that eyes have hidden powers too - powers that can allow one to see stars in daytime. The ears also have hidden powers through which one can directly receive sounds transmitted from a distant radio station. There are powers hidden within the eyes, which can see across the limits of time and space. But these powers don’t have much to do with spirituality.

So it is not that Sanjay is some kind of spiritual man. He is certainly special: he is able to see what is going on far away on the battleground. And it is not that he has attained to the realization of some godliness or some truth because of this power. On the contrary, it is possible that Sanjay may have sabotaged himself completely by using this power.

This often happens. Extraordinary powers can lead people completely astray. That is why yoga has consistently maintained that whether they common physical powers or psychic powers of the mind, one who gets entangled in these powers never reaches the truth.

However, what Sanjay could do is possible. Recently, within the last one hundred years in the West, a great deal of work has been undertaken in psychic research. So now no one has any reason to doubt Sanjay - not even on scientific grounds. Now psychologists are admitting that there are endless powers contained in man.

As a result of man traveling into space, psychologists began working in a new area. It is no longer possible to depend completely on machines: particularly when people are sent to travel in space, a terrible risk is involved. Any slight defect in the equipment, and we could lose contact with them forever, and it would be impossible to trace these lost travelers. We would never be able to locate them in the infinity of space, or know whether they were alive or dead. That is why the scientists are anxiously working in their laboratories to develop a substitute system that will enable us to see across a long distance and hear and send messages without the help of technology. It will not be very long before all countries have Sanjays.

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