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Chapter 7: Truth Is Neither Holy nor Unholy

Truth is nonpersonal, impersonal. Truth can have the qualities of all, there is no limitation in it. The Bible says: In the beginning God created the world. Tantra says: How can there be any beginning and how can there be any end? and when there is no beginning and no end, how can there be a middle? It is all eternity, it is not time; Tantra is a vision beyond time. In time there is a beginning and there is a middle and there is an end, but in eternity there is no beginning, no middle, no end. It simply is.

Truth is not temporal. In fact time exists in truth as a wave, and space exists in truth as a wave. It is not vice versa. Truth does not exist in space, does not exist in time. Time and space exist in truth, they are modes of truth. Just as a horse is a form, a man is a form, so is space a form, a bigger wave, so is time.

Truth is timelessness. Truth is spacelessness. Truth is transcendence.

Truth exists by itself. Everything else exists with the support of truth. Truth is self-evident; nothing else is self-evident. Truth is the very ground of being, the ultimate substratum of existence.

Tantra does not create any ritual, does not create any worship, does not create any temple, does not create the priesthood; they are not needed. Man can stand face to face with truth in direct relationship; no mediator is needed, no priest is needed. The priests go on talking about truth and God and heaven and a thousand and one things, not knowing anything of what they are talking about. Words, mere words.they have not experienced, those words are just empty.

I was reading about a very famous priest who had been feeling unwell for some time; he called in his doctor who gave him a thorough overhaul. “Well,” he said, “I will be quite frank with you: I am afraid that your lungs are not in good shape. You ought to spend a few months in Switzerland.”

“Oh, dear,” replied the priest. “I’m afraid I could not manage it. That will not be possible. My finances won’t allow me. I’m a poor man, you know.”

“Well it’s up to you. It is either Switzerland or heaven.”

The priest thought for a while and then said, “Oh, all right then, Switzerland.”

Who wants to go to heaven? - not even the priest who continuously talks about it. It is a trick to paint death in beautiful colors, but you know all the time it is death. How can you befool yourself?

Gurdjieff used to say that if you want to get rid of religion. live near a priest and you will get rid of religion. Maybe the ordinary human being is deceived, but how can the priest be deceived? He himself is creating the whole deception. No priest is ever deceived. They talk about one thing, they know something else. They say one thing, they do something else.

I was reading about a rabbi..

A Jew, a young man, came to his rabbi. “Rabbi, could I ask your advice on rather an important matter?”

“Certainly,” came the reply.

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