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Chapter 19: At the Maximum You Disappear

And now, I can say it with absolute authority - that whenever God has happened to anybody, it was not the person’s search for God; it was simply the person’s waiting and longing. And when the thirst became so much that it was impossible for God to go on hiding.this is the only quality that makes a really religious person deserving. He is a silent waiting, a silent prayer, and a peaceful spaciousness. God comes.

Just don’t rationalize when he comes, that it may be the thunder of the clouds, or it may be the wind striking against the doors. Keep the doors open. Keep your eyes open, keep your heart open. He comes. He comes surely, because he has been coming to thousands of people in the whole history of humanity.

And I don’t remember a single mystic saying, “I found God because I deserved.” The very idea of deserving is of the ego. All the mystics are agreed on the point that God found them, because they cried too much, they longed too much.

Their longing was heard; their tears reached God.

Prayers may not reach, but tears certainly reach.

Whenever my energy is overflowing, which happens very often, most of the time people give me the feeling of being too much. Then I feel guilty and the German heaviness comes back. Could you please comment?

There is no possibility that the feeling of being can be too much. The being is so infinite.your being is not your being, your being is the being of the whole universe. So your feeling of it is always too little; it can never be too much.

Can you love too much? Can you be blissful too much? Can your ecstasy be too much? Those words - love, ecstasy, blissfulness - are just aspects of your being, and it has many more aspects to it.

You cannot feel it too much; that is a misunderstanding. You are asking, “Whenever my energy is overflowing, which happens very often, most of the time people give me the feeling of being too much.” Who are the people? Perhaps it appears to them too much because they have not even experienced as much as you are experiencing.

You must have heard the old parable of Aesop. A frog from the ocean was on a religious pilgrimage. On the way he came near a well - he was feeling thirsty. He looked inside the well; there was another frog inside. He said, “I am very thirsty, can I come in?”

He was allowed. The frog in the well asked the stranger, “From where are you coming?”

The stranger said, “It will be very difficult for you to conceive from where I am coming.”

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