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Chapter 6: The Highest Phenomenon on the Earth

When Christ is alive it is a religion, when Christ is dead then it is a cult because those who are believing are not knowing their belief is just blind belief. so there has been only one Christian, and that was Jesus who was crucified, after him there has not been a single Christian again. All other Christians are bigots. I have rarely come across a person who is not a bigot. He may not consciously accept it, but deep down either he is a Christian or a Hindu, and all those beliefs make him a bigot, because he already has made his mind without knowing the truth. Jesus may not be a bigot, but Christians are, Buddha may not be a bigot, but Buddhists are, because Buddha is speaking his own experience and Buddhists are only believing that his experience is true. So they know who is a bigot, and who is a fascist and who is a racist. that is so simple they need not come to me and ask about it, I have said it all, I stopped speaking only because I have said everything possible that they will need. I have answered 10,000 questions and I cannot think you can bring any questions more than that concerning religion, mind, philosophy, psychology, but there is no need now, I am a silent man, I am not in any way active.

Please don’t waste the time of the honorable judge, and don’t show that you don’t have enough intelligence to understand simple things. Ask me some intelligent question. I was hoping some intelligent person is going to be there, don’t be so mediocre. Don’t you have anything else?

I trust my people. That is my whole way of life.

[A selection from a talk given by Osho in 1978 is read and then Osho continues:]

It is absolute nonsense to read that big passage - you simply ask me the question. These are my own words, but they were spoken six years before, they were spoken in India; they were spoken in a totally different context.

I have been in different phases of work. First, I was working on myself, then I was working to find the right expression to allow people to know what I have known, so for twenty years I have been travelling all over India; third, when I have found my people then I remain in one place, in Pune. That was a special experiment. it was not a political place, so the question of democracy does not arise at all.

Jesus was not a democrat, not was Buddha a democrat, nor was Moses a democrat. These people who have known the truth cannot depend on voting whether it is true or not. It is their own experience. I am not a democrat as far as my religion is concerned but that does not imply politics at all. Democracy is a political phenomenon. And democracy takes care of the last person in the society, the most ignorant. Democracy is really for the most ignorant. It is mobocracy. Religion takes care of the highest man, the Buddha, the enlightened, the Christ, who has known the truth. Now there is no question of deciding whether it is true or not by voting, by people who know nothing about it. In that experiment there was no question of democracy. That does not mean that I am against democracy. In politics democracy is okay, but politics is a lower field.

Religion is the highest phenomenon on the earth. In religion it can only be dictatorial, and by dictatorial I don’t mean the dictatorship of masses, communists, by dictatorial I mean simply the master dictates and the disciple follows, there is no question of whether it is right or wrong. This was my third phase of work. When that phase was over I moved out of India and I moved into silence.

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