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Chapter 25: The Only Alternative

I am against the whole company of messiahs, prophets, founders of religions. A single man has declared war against all the religions of the world. For thirty-five years continuously I have been fighting with every argument that they have proposed, and they have not been able to support any of their dogmas, and they have not been able to answer any of my questions.

So the people who have come to me have come out of their own freedom, intelligence. They could understand me, what I am saying, and they could see the fallacy that I was showing them. But unless somebody comes to me, asks for sannyas. I am in no way going to interfere into his fundamental right of being himself. Right or wrong, that does not matter - who am I to decide what is right for him, what is wrong for him? I can say how I have found my bliss, my joy; that’s all. If your heart starts feeling me, if your heart starts beating with me, and a desire arises in you for adventure, for new spaces, new ecstasies, I am available - not as a leader but only as a friend.

This is the first time that one million people have gathered around a man who claims no miracles, who claims no authority, who claims no speciality - who only claims that he is a friend. And if you enjoy my friendship you are welcome. The moment you feel that our paths now separate, I give you my heartfelt blessings, the same way as I had given to you when you had come to me. Nobody is prevented from going; nobody is pushed, manipulated to come.

I have started speaking for my own reasons. I do everything according to my own reasons. I never bother about the world around me, and I don’t care at all. For three years I was silent because I wanted a few people who were wrongly hanging around me because they were intellectually convinced - and that is not really to be with me - so I wanted to get rid of those people. But I am not rude to anybody. I have never said to anybody to come, I have never said to anybody to go. But I have my own devices. Three and a half years of silence was enough for them; they could not stand it. They were interested in words, they were interested in my theories, they were interested in my arguments - their approach was intellectual. They dropped out.

The moment I saw that the wrong people had dropped, I started speaking again. Now I am speaking to those people who do not expect me even to speak. In three and a half years of silence they were with me with the same joy. If I was going to remain silent forever, they were going to be with me with the same joy. Now it is a question deeper than intellect, it is closer to a love affair. You don’t think about it - suddenly you know you are in love. Suddenly your whole being starts feeling a dance, suddenly you start whistling, you want to sing. If something like this happens to anybody around me, then only is he with me, my fellow traveler.

So I have sorted out the people politely, given them the opportunity to leave of their own accord - so I need not tell them to go away because they are with me for wrong reasons.

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