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Chapter 7: Doing Is Going to Be Your Undoing

These stories are significant. There is no God and there has never been any Adam and Eve, but the story is very psychological; it is happening every day in thousands of places. The father wants the son to be just his mirror image; it fulfills his ego. But on the other hand, it hurts the ego of the son. Being helpless he has to compromise, being helpless he has to surrender; but the unconscious bears the scars.

It was one of the greatest things that Sigmund Freud said, for the first time in the history of man, that the father is respected by all cultures for the simple reason that in the beginning the first father was killed by his own sons. Every son is doing his best to remove that guilt.

Human relationship, because of religions, cultures, education, has become very complicated.

The relationship between master and disciple repeats the same circle. The master is your father figure, and the master is trying to create you in his own image. To disobey the master is the greatest fall for the disciple. And what is virtuous? To obey the master blindly without questioning, never thinking whether he is right or wrong. You have just to do it, whatsoever he wants; there is no question of asking why.

Can you really love such a man? Can you really respect such a man? It is impossible. You may show love, you may show respect, you may pretend humility, humbleness, but deep down just the opposite is the case.

Judas sold Jesus into the hands of the enemies for thirty pieces of silver. This is significant, because Judas was the only educated and cultured disciple amongst all the apostles of Jesus; the others were simply village fools. Why did he betray him? Every disciple wants to betray deep down, and all the great masters have been betrayed by their disciples. Gautam Buddha, Mahavira, Jesus - it cannot be just coincidence.

And why am I trying to be just your friend? I don’t want to become your father figure. I don’t want you to be split inside about me - on the surface all that is beautiful, and underneath all that is ugly.

I am descending every day from the throne where you have put me. It is a psychological revolution. And for the future I am making the path so that no master should be betrayed again, so that no disciple should be split again. The only way is that the master should not put himself higher than the disciples. He should come closer to the disciple, so close that they become friends. In that friendship the split personality of the disciple will disappear. In that friendship the politics of the master will disappear. He is no longer ruling over millions of people, he is just one amongst them - a friend, a fellow traveler.

That’s why the more I insist on being your friend, the more great reverence arises in you. This is true and authentic reverence. Because I am your friend there is no need to hate me in your unconscious. You cannot be a Judas to me. I am just your friend, you cannot sell me for thirty silver pieces.

It is a significant question. Ponder over it, meditate over it.

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