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Chapter 6: I Am Enough Alone

A mother complained to several doctors of her five-year-old’s failure to speak. Examinations yielded the fact that he was a remarkably healthy child and she was told not to worry. But worry she did. One day, in a hurry, she burned his oatmeal but served it anyway. He tasted it, spat it out, and said, “God, this stuff is awful. You must have burned it.”

Delighted, she said, “You’re talking! Why haven’t you said anything before this?”

He looked at her with some disdain and said, “Well, everything has been alright up to now!”

And everything has been alright up to now with Somendra. There is nothing to say.

The second question:

While in an art museum in Frankfurt recently, I entered one room with nothing but statues and carvings of Buddha. I put absolutely no faith in stone idols, but I was surprised to feel a very strong energy current in the room, similar to what I feel here in the lecture. Was I imagining things? And if so, how can I trust what I feel here with you?

The question is from Anand Samagra. The first thing to be understood: the Buddha statues have nothing to do with Gautam Buddha, you will be surprised to know; they are all false. They don’t resemble Buddha at all, but they have something to do with buddhahood - not with Gautam Buddha, the person, they have something to do with buddhahood.

You can go into a Jaina temple and you will see twenty-four statues of twenty-four tirthankaras, the founders of Jainism, and you will be unable to make out any difference between them; they are all alike. To make a distinction Jainas make small symbols on them to know who is who, because they are all alike. So if somebody’s symbol is a line figure, then just underneath the feet is a small line figure; then they know whose statue this is. Somebody’s symbol is a snake, then they know whose statue this is. If those symbols were hidden, not even a Jaina could make any demarcation - whose statue is this? Mahavira’s? Parswanatha’s? Adinatha’s? And you will also be surprised to know that they are exactly like Buddha - no difference.

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