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Chapter 16: Treasures or Dragons

But there are a few experiences which can be collected only by the cosmic superconscious, and in every life the upward way becomes narrower. Out of thousands perhaps one person may collect something in the superconscious; out of millions perhaps one person may collect something into the collective superconscious; out of billions maybe one person collects something in the cosmic superconscious.

But as you are born, you are born into the conscious mind, which knows nothing about your treasures or your dragons that you are carrying in the unconscious, but a slight work and you will become aware. If something is on the higher levels, then immediately your consciousness will become part of the superconscious, even for moments in hypnosis.

I have worked on many people. Very few people have memories in the superconscious, and they are surprised when they come to remember them, because they have always thought, according to Western psychology, that everything that is ugly - that is repressed, unlived - is in the unconscious, and they are very puzzled because this cannot be repressed: one should be so ecstatic about it; one would like the whole world to know about it - that it is true, that it happens. The question of repression does not arise.

But in the change from one life to another life, just so that you don’t remember your past life, the mechanism is such that you remember nothing - either of the unconscious or of the superconscious, or beyond. You come with a clean conscious mind, so a new upbringing, a new teaching, a new conditioning starts.

If all these seven layers are remembered, the child will be in much difficulty - as if you are teaching the child seven languages simultaneously. He will be confused, utterly confused. So it is a natural protection against being confused and mad, to keep only a small part moving each time into new life, fresh, so the new life can bring you its own ideology, religion.

I remember one girl, and she was not more than five, who lived just a hundred miles away from Jabalpur. And her parents were puzzled because she remembered that in her past life she lived in Jabalpur and she died in a family, as a small daughter: she must have been nine or ten when she died.

I knew the family about which she was talking. I had come to know them accidentally because they had a garage just close to my house, so whenever something was wrong with my car I used to go there.

And a hundred miles away, in Katni, I used to go often to speak to a small group of seekers, and there they brought the girl, and they said to me, “She remembers this. What should we do? - because she is very confused. She is continually telling us to take her to her parents, her brothers - and they live in Jabalpur. She remembers the name.” When they told me the name I said, “Then don’t be worried. I will call them, and if she can recognize them in a crowd then there will be some proof of her memory.”

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