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Chapter 3: A Call from the Unknown

And our conscious mind is a very small space. Below it there is a tremendous world, above it there is a tremendous world; both have to be explored. If you fall below you will be insane, you will be really mad. But if you go beyond, your madness will be the greatest sanity possible.

The person who can reach to the highest peak of consciousness gathers new potentials, and the most important is that now he can go downwards. He has enough light to go into the darker parts, which he was not able to go into before. Before, it was sure madness to fall below the mind, because mind is a small lighted spot. From there, if you fall below you can fall only into darkness. And the darkness becomes thicker and thicker and you start losing any ability to come back.

But if you have reached first to the higher levels of mind - superconscious, collective superconscious, cosmic superconscious - then you have so much light, you are light itself. Now you can take a journey into the underworld of unconsciousness, collective unconsciousness, cosmic unconsciousness. And wherever you will go, the darkness will disappear. You will become one whole spectrum of seven stages, all full of light. This is what I call enlightenment.

Now you cannot go mad. Now there is no fear for you; even death is not a fear. In fact you have attained your primary desire: you are again in the womb of existence itself, again without worries, without responsibilities, without tensions, utterly relaxed - just trusting existence wherever it leads. Wherever it leads is good.

You don’t have any demands, you don’t have any desires, you don’t have any goal. You have surrendered all that trouble to existence. You have attained now an eternal womb. That’s why an enlightened person can live and can die in absolute relaxation. Now life or death makes no difference; he is part of eternity, he is part of the universal existence itself.

So don’t be worried when you come, in silence, close to the boundary line. In silence is the guarantee; in silence you cannot come to a boundary line from where one can fall. In silence you come close to the point from where you can go only beyond.

When your mind is so much in anguish and anxiety, then you are close to the boundary line from where you can fall. So this has to be remembered as a criterion: the more you are full of thoughts, the more you are close to madness.just one step more.

Kahlil Gibran has a story. One of his friends had gone mad. He was a genius, and our geniuses are always in danger of going mad for the simple reason that their genius is used only for more and more intellectualization, and that keeps them near the boundary line. From there just one step down and they lose hold of all sanity.

This genius was in the madhouse and Kahlil Gibran went to see him. They were close friends. When he went in, the friend was sitting in the garden. He recognized Kahlil Gibran and he asked him to sit by his side on the bench.

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