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Chapter 1: Dropping Out of the Wheel

But there is also the third possibility: that you can listen through the superconscious. Then even love is a disturbance - very subtle, but even love is a disturbance. Then there is nothing - no thought, no feeling. You simply become a void, an emptiness, end to end. And into that emptiness falls whatsoever I say and whatsoever I am. Then you are listening from the superconscious.

These are the three dimensions. While you are awake, you live in the conscious: you work, you think, you do this and that. When you fall into sleep the conscious is no longer functioning, it is resting. Another dimension starts working - the unconscious. Then you cannot think, but you can dream. And the whole night there are almost eight cycles of dreaming, continuously. Only for a few moments are you not dreaming, otherwise you are dreaming.

Patanjali says:

Also, meditate on knowledge that comes during sleep.

You simply fall into sleep as if it is a sort of absence. It is not - it has its own presence. Sleep is not only the negation of waking. If it was, then there would be nothing to meditate on. Sleep is not like darkness, the absence of light, no. Sleep has its own positivity. It exists, and it exists as much as your waking time. And when you will meditate and the mysteries of sleep will be revealed to you, then you will see that there is no distinction between waking and sleeping. They both exist in their own right. Sleep is not just rest from waking; it is a different kind of activity - hence dreams.

Dreaming is a tremendous activity, more powerful than your thinking, more meaningful also, because it belongs to a deeper part of your being than your thinking. When you fall into sleep the mind that was functioning the whole day is tired, exhausted. It is a very tiny mind, one-tenth compared to the unconscious, which is nine times bigger and greater and powerful. And if you compare it with the superconscious. Comparison is not possible, because the superconscious is infinite, the superconscious is omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient. The superconscious is what godliness is. Even compared to the unconscious, the conscious is very small. It gets tired, it needs rest to be recharged, the conscious goes off; tremendous activity starts in sleep, which is dreaming.

Why has it been neglected? - because mind has been trained to be identified with the conscious, so that in sleep you think you are no more. That’s why sleep looks just like a small death. You simply never think about what is going on. Patanjali says, “Meditate on it and many things will be uncovered within your being.”

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