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Chapter 36: A Man of Zen

Those who believe only in the mind - for example, psychoanalysts, who are replacing the priests in the West and who are creating a substitute religion as bogus as the one they are substituting - for them, there is nothing higher than mind. There are steps lower than mind hence everything has to pass through your conscious mind to be released, so your unconscious becomes unburdened. But it is a very long process, because your unconscious carries the whole rubbish of this life, which is immense.

Every second of your life, awake or asleep, you are collecting rubbish. The amount is so much that your remaining life will not be able to free you from it. Moreover, while you are freeing yourself from the old rubbish, every day you are collecting new rubbish. And this is not all.

Deeper than this is your collective unconscious which has not even been touched. And to throw out all its contents by bringing them to the conscious mind and releasing them will take many lives. And below that is the cosmic unconscious..

Perhaps you will take an eternity to be totally psychoanalyzed so all three unconscious layers under your consciousness are completely emptied and you don’t have any burden, any tension. And the moment they are empty they start becoming conscious; it is the garbage that is creating the darkness.

Psychoanalysis is not going to succeed. The situation is such that its failure is absolute - categorically certain.

In the East it is amazing that for ten thousand years they have been working on the mind as nobody else has worked - psychoanalysis is not even a century old - still they never came to something parallel to psychoanalysis. They worked in a totally different way. They never bothered about the unconscious layers, because to give attention to the unconscious layers is to get into a thick forest which is unending. You will not find your way back out.

The East has tried just the opposite: go upwards, forget about your basements. You have three stories above your consciousness. Use your consciousness to enter into superconsciousness. Use your superconsciousness to enter into the collective superconsciousness, use it to enter into the cosmic consciousness. And the magic is that the moment you have entered all these three consciousnesses you have so much light. In the words of Kabir it is “as if thousands of suns have arisen suddenly.” Their light is so much that all the contents of your unconscious will be burned; all the darkness of your unconscious layers will be dispelled.

If you want to go the long way then dig into the unconscious. The way is long, and the goal is never achieved. No one has ever achieved it; there is no precedent. But for the second, if you go into the more conscious areas of your being, which is very simple.that’s what I have been teaching to you.

Meditation will take you into your more conscious areas. And the moment your whole consciousness is available, its very presence will simply dispel all the darkness that you have accumulated in thousands of lives. In a single moment of lightning all that is collected there will be burned and the unconscious darkness will disappear.

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