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Chapter 29: Only Plastic Does Not Perspire

We have found ancient skeletons of monkeys; they are the same as the modern monkey - there is no evolution. The same is true about man. The ancientmost skeletons found in Peking, China, are exactly the same as you are - nothing much has changed. There seems to be no evolution. Perhaps we have more things, more technology, a much more advanced standard of living, but man himself - he may be flying in an airplane or in a rocket - the human being is just the same as he was when he was driving a bullock cart.

Perhaps, rather than evolving, he has lost many qualities, because when man was a hunter he had tremendous strength. He needed it. He was fighting without any weapons, wrestling with tigers and lions, naked. The modern man is no comparison to him. His life was a tremendous struggle. We could not survive that life. We have lost that strength, the muscles, perhaps even the will. If such a situation arises again many of us would rather commit suicide than live naked in the jungles and fight with animals. And you will find you are the weakest animal on the whole earth. Even a dog can prove the fact, and the dog is no longer part of jungle life. He is a tamed animal. He has weakened with you.otherwise he is a cousin of the wolf. He cannot fight with the wolves, but with a man.he can easily kill you without any difficulty.

In fact, why did man have to invent swords and guns and bayonets? It is just to substitute for the strength that is naturally missing. What the lion can do with his teeth, you cannot do. What the lion can do with his nails, you cannot do. You have to find substitutes which are stronger than the lion’s nails, his teeth. And you would love to fight from a distance - hence man invented arrows, bullets. These are ways to fight from a distance, because to be close, even with the bayonet in your hand you may become nervous. Just seeing the lion and hearing a lion’s roar, you may forget all about the bayonet - you may be no more yourself. From a distance, sitting on the top of a tree, absolutely protected - the lion cannot reach there - you can shoot the lion.

What evolution has happened? But Friedrich Nietzsche has based his whole idea on Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution. He said, “The most beautiful scene in my life happened one day when I was sitting in my garden and a battalion of soldiers passed by on the street: the sound of their boots falling in harmony, their bayonets shining in the morning sun..” Nietzsche said, “I have never seen such a beautiful thing in my whole life.” He does not talk about the sunset, nor about the sunrise, nor about the flowers, nor about a bird on the wing - but soldiers. The sound of their boots is far more musical than any Beethoven or Mozart. The shining of their bayonets in the morning sun is more glorious to him than the sun itself. The morning may have been full of flowers and birds, but that has no appeal to him. The soldier is going to be the superman.

This idea gets into the idiotic mind of Adolf Hitler. It is very difficult to put ideas into idiots’ minds, but once you put them in you cannot take them out. That is impossible. They will just do it. And he did it - the Second World War was the result. You may not have thought on these lines, that it was a by-product of the philosophy of the superman.

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