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Chapter 5: I Sing the Glory of Forms

P. D. Ouspensky talks many times about a certain law he calls “the law of the seeds.” It is of tremendous significance to understand it. Have you ever seen a big oak tree? In its lifespan it will create billions and billions of seeds. But all will not become trees; out of a million seeds, maybe one will become an oak tree, others will be lost. Nature produces very extravagantly knowing well that many are called but many don’t listen. A million seeds are produced so that one seed can become an oak. Millions of people are born so that one person can become a Christ or a Buddha or a Krishna. Remember this law of the seeds.

Even in man.an ordinary man, a normal man, will make at least four thousand to six thousand ejaculations in his life. Each ejaculation carries millions of life-cells. Out of millions of life-cells, perhaps one will reach to the woman’s egg; the woman will become pregnant. Out of millions of life-cells, perhaps one.

You will be surprised: a single male body could populate the whole earth if all the seeds became embodied. A single human body is enough; a single male is enough to populate the whole earth - because each ejaculation carries millions of life-cells, and in a whole life there are four thousand to six thousand ejaculations. And I am talking about a normal person; I am not talking about the supernormal or the abnormal. The supernormal has no ejaculations. His energy starts moving into different dimensions. The abnormal is a maniac.

Just a few days ago I received a letter from a bride. She wrote, “I am afraid that I married a sex maniac. My husband never leaves me alone. He makes love to me all day long: while I am in the shower, while I am cooking breakfast, while I am making the beds and even while my back is turned to him. Can you tell me what to do?” Signed, “Exhausted.”

The name is given, but I will not tell you the name because the husband is here. And there was a postscript, a small note: “P.S. Please excuse the jerky handwriting.”

I am not talking about these jerks!

A normal human being can populate the whole world; what about an abnormal human being? He can populate many earths like this. Abnormal human beings become mechanically sexual. They become sex machines; they simply produce life-cells and nothing else. They don’t produce life, they produce only life-cells. A normal person produces life-cells and life. A supernormal person transforms his whole life-energy into attaining higher peaks of life: energy starts moving upward rather than downward. The energy is no longer affected by gravitation; the energy starts levitating, flying. It has a different plenitude now.

But this law of the seeds has to be understood. So many people are born: only a few will attain. And what will happen to other seeds? They simply rot. They simply disappear, or they are thrown back again into the world as seeds, they are again given an opportunity.

Don’t miss this opportunity. To be a seed is a great opportunity, because to be a seed means to be a possibility, a potentiality - you can grow. But then the seed has to understand many things, because there are a thousand and one barriers to be crossed, and a thousand and one obstacles to be avoided, and a thousand and one wrong alternatives to be dropped. Only then you move toward growth.

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