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Chapter 3: Zen: A Tremendous Rebellion

Why don’t you breathe fully? Your lungs have six thousand sacs which have to be filled, but you breathe shallowly, so only two thousand sacs are filled, and four thousand remain stagnant, filled with dead carbon dioxide which is the cause of millions of diseases. It reduces your lifespan, it weakens your spirit, it destroys your intelligence. You are living at the minimum just because of this statement in Genesis that you “have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the fowl of the air and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth.”

Man has killed so many beautiful species of animals just for his food, has killed so many birds - whole species have disappeared.

In India, the lion was the national animal, but stupid hunters - particularly the British hunters, who have been in power in this country for almost three hundred years - destroyed all the lions, the most beautiful animal in existence. Such a dignity, such power, such grandeur! And what were they doing? - just decorating their sitting-rooms with the stuffed heads of the lions.

Today the whole species is on the verge of disappearing. There are not more than two dozen lions in the whole of India. The Indian government had to change its national animal from the lion to the tiger, because lions are going to disappear. When a lion dies, it is never replaced.

And it is not only the British Christians who destroyed them; even Hindu monks sit on a lion’s skin. You will not believe how stupid people can be.

Religion seems to give a certain stupidity to people who were born intelligent.

The Hindu monks sit on the skin of a lion - and of course, one lion has to be killed for one monk - and the ideology that they preach is that by sitting on the lion’s skin you can remain celibate. My foot! Stupidity has no limit.

What does the lion’s skin have to do with your celibacy? Lions are not celibate; one has never heard about a lion who was celibate. What scientific proof is there? I don’t know a single monk who is a celibate, and I have known thousands of monks - Hindus, Jainas..

Just now two books have come out about one of the richest sects of the Jainas, Terapanth. The sect is headed by Acharya Tulsi. Seventeen hundred monks are under him, and three times more nuns - and all are sexually perverted.

These two books that have just come out, Acharya Tulsi tried hard to get the government to ban them. But the publisher of the books is also a follower of the same sect. He knows that what is written in those two books by ex-monks of Acharya Tulsi is absolutely true. He said, “I will fight against the government and go to the Supreme Court. They cannot prevent a truth!”

Once I was in Acharya Tulsi’s camp for seven days. I could not believe.so many monks, so many nuns came in contact with me, and they told me that such perversion is going on behind the scenes - and even Acharya Tulsi is not an exception. Homosexuality is widely prevalent, heterosexuality is widely prevalent. Those nuns are used almost like prostitutes. They go on preaching about celibacy, and their own reality is all kinds of perversions.

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