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Chapter 19: A Mystic versus America

So don’t ask such silly questions. Before you ask anything, think twice. This is not a political assembly, senate, parliament, where you can go on asking all kinds of idiotic questions and waste the time of the whole country for months together. This is not a bureaucracy where files move so slowly..

I have known one old man - ninety years old - who has been fighting a case for sixty years. When he was thirty he wrote a book, History Of India. But because it was not in accordance with the British government.. He has simply stated the real facts, not bothering whether they go against the British or favor the British. He was a very impartial man.

The man was sued by the government of India, his book was banned. The publisher, the printer, the editor and he - four persons were sued. Three of them died; the case continued. Many judges came and died; the case continued. Even the British government disappeared from India; the case continued.

I told the first prime minister, Jawaharlal Nehru, “The case on Pandit Sunderlal should be removed. This is ridiculous.”

He said, “You don’t understand the ways of laws. It is a very complex case, and has become more and more complex as time has gone on.”

I asked Pandit Sunderlal, “When is this case going to end?”

He said, “Not before I am dead, because I am the only remaining person. All the advocates who have been involved, all the judges, all the people who were sued by the government are gone, the government itself is finished, but the case continues. This is bureaucracy. Things simply don’t move, or move with such a slow pace that it is inconceivable.”

A whole department has been deciding about me for four years. They have been given a whole department and an office, and dozens of people to figure out whether my green card can be issued or not. In four years they have not come to any conclusion. Great intelligence!

If they have any dignity and if they have any respect for their Constitution; if the Supreme Court of America is really fair, it will order all the Americans to vacate America. Give it back to the Red Indians to whom it belongs, and you all apply for green cards: you are not native to this place.

This is the only country in the whole world where slavery is not going to be destroyed. In India it was possible to destroy the British kingdom for the simple reason that the British never made it their home. They remained there to rule and exploit, but it was not their home. From all over the world slavery is disappearing, but in America the question is not even asked.

I am going to fight it in the Supreme Court, and challenge the Supreme Court: “If you have any fairness, then all the Americans either should leave the country, or should apply for visas. It has been long enough they have been touring here. Tourists are tourists: what right have they to claim other people’s land?”

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