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Chapter 8: I Am the Gate

But the last step could not be taken - he came back. He said: “I am myself.” That is why his whole philosophy became: “Do not surrender. Do not follow. Do not believe. Do not be a disciple.” The whole thing is just an outcome - a rationalization and a consolation.

He has been working for forty years continuously with that step that could not be taken. Still he is not out of it: the repentance is there, the wound is there. He could not surrender at the last moment. So, theosophy failed with Krishnamurti and became a dead movement - because the movement existed only for this happening. It became meaningless. The house had been built but the master never came to reside in it. So the house is there, but meaningless. So after Krishnamurti’s denial to be a vehicle for Maitreya, theosophy became meaningless. It still continues - just as a hangover - nothing substantial exists now: just a hangover.

This whole movement was created by the nine adepts of Ashoka. They are still working. They go on working in many ways. And there is a history behind our so-called “history,” of which you will not even be able to conceive: that events on the periphery which we know as history are not real events. Behind this so-called history continues another, a deeper one, about which we know nothing.

For example, we all have heard about Hitler - his fascism, his movement - his desperate effort to do something. But no one knows that there is something hidden behind: Hitler was just a vehicle for other forces. Now.there are glimpses that he was not the real actor in the drama. He was just a mask, he was used, manipulated. Someone else was behind him, some other forces working. For example, the choice of the swastika, the symbol of Adolf Hitler’s party - this swastika is the oldest, the most ancient symbol of a particular school of adepts.

In India one of the most ancient esoteric groups is that of the Jainas. The swastika is their symbol, but not exactly as it was with Hitler - Hitler’s swastika was in reverse. The Jaina’s swastika is clockwise; Hitler’s is anticlockwise. This anticlockwise swastika is a destructive symbol. The clockwise swastika is a creative symbol. When this symbol was chosen.. And they searched for three years continuously to choose a symbol, because a symbol is not just a symbol - if you can tap into a deeper tradition, then the symbol becomes a link. So persons were sent to Tibet to find one of the most ancient symbols of the Aryan race - because with that symbol much that is hidden can be contacted.

The swastika was chosen - but in reverse. Hessenhoff, who found the symbol, convinced Adolf Hitler that the symbol should be in reverse order. He was one of the persons who were in contact with many esoteric groups. And this symbol was made in reverse order. It was never so before. And with this reverse symbol, it was known all over the world to those who were in contact with any esoteric knowledge, that Hitler was going to destroy himself. He was going to become mad: he would be in contact with suicidal forces.

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