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Chapter 12: Existence Has Its Own Ways

I am in absolute agreement with the idea of a scientific determination, and not to leave it - because this is the most important thing - to the idiots themselves. They can be eliminated, but then we will have to think in a totally new way. We will have to manage our lives not according to the old, which was not management but an absolute chaos.

It is not necessary that your sperm will have an Albert Einstein, a Rabindranath Tagore, or a Picasso. I don’t see any reason why we cannot have banks in the hospitals, medical colleges, where people can contribute their sperm just as they contribute blood. Now science is ready to read the intrinsic program of the sperm: how long it will live, whether it will be strong or weak, whether it will suffer diseases, whether it will be intelligent, whether it will have a certain genius. This is an old stupidity that your child should be only from your sperm. From the sperm bank you can choose. If you want a scientist, if you want a poet of the qualities which only very few people have attained in the whole of history, if you want a painter, if you want an absolutely healthy human being, intelligent, beautiful, you can choose.

And rather than you injecting it, let medical science inject a single sperm so there is no possibility for any Ronald Reagan to reach the mother’s egg. These people have to be eliminated completely. They don’t have a place in the future vision of mankind.

Just think of a world of utterly talented people, healthy, with a longer life span, creative, sensitive. We can make this world really a garden where every plant blossoms, releases its fragrance, joins the dance that is existence.

This man’s question reminded me how blind people can be and never be aware of their blindness. Jesus is crucified - that is perfect - and after Jesus, the Christianity that he unknowingly produced has burned thousands of living beings alive. No other religion is so criminal as Christianity, but this man cannot see that. He can see only enough to ask why I was not liked by the people of Oregon. It simply shows that the people of Oregon are the most retarded people in the world. After Oregon I have been trying to find someone who can defeat them, but I have not been able to find anyone. They are absolute idiots.

Just because they were afraid of me and my people - afraid, because things happened when we purchased the land in Oregon. The land was for sale for almost forty years and nobody had purchased it, at any price, because it was only a desert. What are you going to do with a desert, one hundred twenty-six square miles?

I wanted to make the point that the people who surrounded that desert were not inventive, not intelligent - we changed that same desert into an oasis, and that hurt the Oregonians. Because when we had purchased the land they laughed. They used to come and say, “What are you doing? You can pour in millions of dollars; this desert is not going to produce anything.” And we made the desert one of the most beautiful places you can conceive. That became a wound in the hearts of the Oregonians.

And the United States Attorney blurted out after deporting me.he was asked by a reporter in a press conference, “Why have you not jailed Osho?”

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