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Chapter 9: No-Mind Is the Door

The mind is a very, very recent arrival. Existence has lived without the mind, long, long.. The mind is just an addition, it has just happened. Scientists say that if we divide human history into twenty-four hours, into one day, then mind came just two seconds ago.just two seconds ago! If this is going to be the measurement - twenty-four hours, the whole history - then mind entered only two seconds ago. How can it solve? What can it solve? It has not known the beginning, it has not known the end; it has come just now in the middle. It has no perspective.

If one really wants to know what this unknown is, one has to drop out of the mind, one has to disappear into existence. That is the Tantra way. Tantra is not a philosophy, Tantra is absolutely existential. And remember, when I say that Tantra is existential, I don’t mean the existentialism of Sartre, Camus, Marcel, and others. That existentialism is again a philosophy, a philosophy of existence, but not the Tantra way. And the difference is vast.

The existential philosophers in the West have only stumbled upon the negative: anguish, angst, depression, sadness, anxiety, hopelessness, meaninglessness, purposelessness - all the negatives. Tantra has stumbled upon all that is beautiful, joyful, blissful. Tantra says: Existence is an orgasm, an eternal orgasm going on and on and on. It is forever and forever an orgasm, an ecstasy.

They must be moving in different directions. Sartre goes on thinking about existence. Tantra says: Thinking is not the door. It leads nowhere, it is a blind alley; it brings you only to a cul-de-sac. Philosophy is great - if you are just fooling around, then philosophy is great; you can make mountains out of molehills and you can enjoy the trip. Just the other day I was reading a very, very philosophical piece. Meditate over it..

A most peculiar thing occurred to me, and I am going to tell it to you on the chance that it may have occurred to you too at one time or another, and on hearing me you will handle the situation better when it occurs again.

Yesterday I was in a restaurant and I ordered some lunch. I was with a small group of people around this table having a little lunch. It wasn’t.you know, six, seven people around this table.. I don’t know, eight people.nine.about forty people having lunch.a small group of people.

With my lunch I ordered a glass of milk. Now I like milk. You know how I feel about buttermilk, but milk I like. Milk I adore. I like fresh, cold milk. If it’s warm.yuck! If I can taste it, I don’t like it.

Anyway the milk came. And I was just about to drink it when I noticed that floating at the top of the milk was the littlest, teeniest black speck. And I am here to tell you that nothing in this world mattered but that little black speck! It became the most important thing in my life for the next few minutes. First of all I wasn’t gonna let that damn thing down in me, I’ll tell you! You know, who knows these days what it was? It could have been a solid chunk of strontium 90, you know. Or maybe a large typhoid colony. Anyway I didn’t want to swallow it.

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