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Chapter 36: A Man of Zen

Self-hypnosis has an intrinsic difficulty; hetero-hypnosis is always simple, very simple. When you succeed for the first time in self-hypnosis, you will feel great joy. You have been able to do something which is contradictory. To avoid the contradiction, the other person is needed.

Why did the great masters of Tantra call their teaching “the whispered transmission”?

The system of Tantra is one of the most important things that has ever happened in the history of man. Everything else is secondary because Tantra is an effort to transform living energy into its ultimate form, of enlightenment. But because the living energy is sexual, Tantra became condemned - condemned by the sex-repressive society, the sex-repressive religions. It became so condemned that tantrikas have suffered more than any other system of thinkers, philosophers, seekers.

In the times of one Indian king, Bhoj, he killed fifty thousand couples. It was a special sect of tantrikas, and really daring people. A man and a woman lived in one robe, naked. Inside they were naked - just covered by one robe. They used to wear a blue robe, signifying that “because of the stupid society we have to put it on; otherwise the sky is our only robe” - hence the blue color. Because of the blue color they were called neela tantrikas. Neela means blue.

The couples moved around the country teaching, but it was too outrageous for the mediocre mind to understand. Bhoj ordered that not a single neela couple should be left alive. Fifty thousand couples - that means one hundred thousand people - were simply massacred. They were massacred all over India, wherever they were. Not a single one was left alive.

Other sects of tantrikas had to even hide in the forests to do their meditations of transforming energy. The society at large was absolutely against these people. Their scriptures were burned. The most valuable scriptures in the world have been burned; only a few rare unburned copies have survived somehow. Naturally they started calling their teaching a “whispered teaching.”

Jesus says to his followers, “Go and shout from every housetop to the people that the son of God is here. Spread the message.” Why are the tantrikas saying that their teaching is the whispered teaching? They have suffered much; Jesus knows nothing about that. Thousands of their masters have been killed before, but the teaching itself was so powerful and so practical, so scientific, that it went on attracting intelligent people. But they had to decide that their teaching had to be just a whispering: “Don’t say it aloud; otherwise you will be killed.” And what is the point of being killed? - it was a very different situation.

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