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Chapter 3: Pecking and Tapping

A monk said to Kyosei, “I want to peck from the inside. Would you please tap from the outside?”
Kyosei said, “Could you attain life or not?”
The monk said, “If I could not attain life I would become a laughingstock.”
Kyosei said, “You too are a fellow in the weeds.”

Just as I have remembered Gora, the potter, Kyosei is taking up a different dimension to it, the dimension of an egg. You can tap from the outside, but the bird inside the egg has to peck, himself. This takes Gora’s explanation to a far deeper insight. A real master in fact need not peck you from within; your very life energy will do it. That’s why Kyosei certainly and suddenly seems to be asking without any reference or context, “Could you attain life or not?”

He is saying, “As far as tapping is concerned, I am ready, but do you have energy enough to attain life? - because the other part, the pecking, you will have to do. You will have to take the risk to come out of the shell, to come out of the egg.” Certainly, Kyosei far exceeds Gora’s understanding.

The monk said, “If I could not attain life I would become a laughingstock.”

He has understood why the master Kyosei is asking him, “Could you attain life.? Are you full of energy and abundance so that if I tap you, you will not be killed? Are you mature enough, centered, that my tapping from outside will not destroy you, but will give you the open sky, the freedom to fly? It all depends how much energy, how much life force you have. If you don’t have that life, then you are only a fellow in the weeds.”

No roses will blossom in the weeds. The weeds don’t give any flowers, they don’t have that abundance of energy that blossoms in a flower. A flower is a mysterious phenomenon. From the earth, you cannot find anything that resembles the rose that is going to grow out of it. Neither in the rosebush can you find anything resembling - even a faraway echo of the beauty, of the color, of the delicateness of a rose. It is not in the earth, it is not in the roots, it is not in the bush.but it has to be there, otherwise the flower cannot blossom.

The flower is an abundance of energy. Much energy is used by the leaves and the foliage. Unless a plant has more energy than is absorbed by the foliage, by the branches, by the leaves, a rose is not possible.

The monk is right when he says, “If I could not attain life I would become a laughingstock.” You tap the egg and you kill the bird inside by your tapping. The monk is saying, “I would be a laughingstock.” And many disciples in the world.almost the whole world is in some way or other following a certain line of Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Christianity without knowing they are disciples. But no roses blossom - they are all laughingstocks.

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