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Chapter 3: True Balance

It is a strange phenomenon, that the West has no idea about. It knows students, it even knows the word disciple, but it has never gone very deep into the existential experience of it. The word disciple comes from the same root as discipline, and the root meaning of disciple is the capacity to hear.

Everybody hears, but not like the disciple. Everybody hears because everybody has ears. But the disciple hears not only with his ears but with his whole being, with his heart. While hearing, he is not thinking about it - whether it is true or not. That is the way of the student. The disciple simply drinks it, soaks it up, allows it to penetrate every fiber of his being.

The culmination of disciplehood is the devotee. When the disciple is perfect he enters into a new phase, which is that of the devotee. Now he feels no distinction from the master. Now there are two bodies but one soul. Now he even hears things which are not said, he understands things which are not indicated. He starts feeling the very vibration of the master’s being. The devotee is absolutely unknown to the West.

You are right: what is happening here is not of this world. It is in this world but not of this world. We are trying to bring the other world in - to smuggle it into this world.

The magic keys you have given to go beyond duality are one thing to hear and another to live. Last night a miracle happened. I love to gamble, and walking through the door of a casino for me is like the people who have a snake bite on their tongue and have to stay aware. Last night I was able to remain present for the first time after hundreds of tries; and even though I lost money, the victory of not being identified couldn’t be bought by all the money in the world.
Osho, I’m so happy.

I am also very happy.

It does not matter where awareness happens; what matters is that it happens. If it happens in a casino, then the casino has become a temple, a sacred place. For most people it does not happen, even in temples, in synagogues, in churches. For them, those places are not sacred because they have not tasted anything sacred there.

The place does not count, the act does not count. What counts is: can you do it absolutely unidentified? Let it happen in different situations and it will bring more and more flowers to your being.

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