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Chapter 13: Design within Design

One has to move into darkness not knowing where one is going. But one still has to move - because if you don’t move, then too life goes on slipping by. It is better to move than not to move, because with movement there is at least a possibility that you may arrive. With no moving, there is not even that possibility. One has to choose.

And all alternatives look alike. It is as if you are standing at a crossroad - all roads look alike. It may be this, it may be that, and there is no way to decide a priori that this is going to be right. You have to search and seek. Trial and error is the only method available to man - that’s why many people decide not to choose. That keeps them in a more convenient and comfortable life. It is better to sit on the crossroads and not to choose, not to go anywhere. At least you can avoid being in error.

But just by avoiding being in error, you don’t become fulfilled. You may not have committed any error but you have not arrived anywhere. So the people who are very much afraid of making mistakes are the ones who lose this opportunity, this great opportunity, to grow, to be.

Man has to find himself. He has to ask. This cannot be avoided. Those who avoid, avoid at their own risk. “Who am I?” - this has to be asked and this has to be asked continuously till the answer arrives from the deepest core of one’s being. This is the only religious question.

And, remember, man is not a being because he is not ready-made. He is not a being because he is a process. So man is a bridge. He has to be surpassed, he has to be outgrown - that is, to find himself he has to go beyond himself. Man is continually trying to transcend himself, to surpass himself.

This is very paradoxical - the effort to surpass oneself - but man is a paradoxical being. It is a bridge you have to pass over. You cannot make your house on the bridge. Those who make their houses on the bridge will never reach to the other shore. One has to go on. There are a thousand and one anxieties in going, there are a thousand and one problems, a thousand and one hazards, but in spite of all that, one has to go on. One has to commit many mistakes before one can know what truth is.

That’s why man has to be constantly departing from his past. The past is the known, the known you, and the future is the unknown you. And you have always to sacrifice the known you for the unknown you. This is what all great religions teach. This is what they call sacrifice. Sacrifice that which you have known, all that that you have become identified with. Sacrifice the past for the future, the known for the unknown, the settled for the unsettled. This is the only way to grow. If you become too much identified with the past, growth stops. If you become too much entangled with the past, you start moving in circles.

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