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Chapter 19: Simply Singing My Own Song

For example in this country, brahmins for ten thousand years have not allowed one fourth of the population of the country to read or to learn writing. It was the greatest crime for these simple, innocent people even to hear a few words of the Hindu Vedas, which are the Hindu Encyclopedia Britannica. It hurts and it makes me utterly sad to say to you that even a man like Rama, who is being worshipped by the Hindus as an incarnation of God, punished a young poor sudra because the brahmins reported that while they were reading the Vedas he was hiding behind the trees and trying to listen.

In the first place, even if he was trying to listen he could not have understood, because brahmins never allowed their language, Sanskrit, to become the language of the people. It has remained a language monopolized by the brahmins, by the learned, by the scholars. Even though he could not understand, Rama punished that young man by pouring melted, burning hot lead into both his ears. The young man was killed. And nobody has even objected against Rama, that even this single act is enough to prove that he is a murderer - and murderer of a man who has not committed any crime.

But instead of being condemned as a murderer, he is worshipped as God - of course by the brahmins, and when the brahmins worship him as God, everybody else follows. And this is the case not only in this country; in every country of the world, all kinds of information has been monopolized.

Lord Acton was right when he said that power is the reason why people have tried to monopolize knowledge. Because knowledge is power. Perhaps it was not such a great power in the past, but today science has become the greatest power. And the word ‘science’ simply means knowledge.

Only a man of silence, innocence, has no need for knowledge. He is not sick; hence he does not need any medicine to cure him.

To go beyond mind is to go beyond all pathology that mind creates. To be in the mind, you can be either normally mad or abnormally mad. If you are abnormally mad, you will be in the minority. The normally mad, who are the majority, will bring you back into their fold. It is strange to say, but it has to be said that all the branches of psychology are in the service of the normally mad. Their function is only to bring the abnormally mad back into the normal fold.

But there is a totally different kind of madness which is not of the mind; hence no psychiatry, no psychoanalysis is needed - neither can it disturb it. Meditation takes you beyond your mind into a deep innocence which has no need to know, which is absolutely blissful as it is.

Your saying, “There is nothing I need to know,” makes me immensely happy. Don’t fall from this state. The mind will try to pull you back by creating new questions, new queries - persuading you, seducing you to explore new areas. Be very alert. And be on guard, because there is no treasure which is more valuable than innocence. That needs no knowledge.

In other words, this is your second childhood. You are born again. Your eyes are no longer filled with the dust of knowing. But this not-knowing is a tremendous perceptivity, a great clarity. It does not need to know, because it feels, and feeling is a higher state than knowing. As the clarity becomes more and more transparent, instead of feeling it becomes your being.

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