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Chapter 10: God Is Because You Are Full of Fear

What happens after your fits proves that your fits are not those of a sick man - and I want you to understand something which is missing from medical science. Your fit is because of an abundant release of energy. The mind is capable only of a certain amount: the day-to-day energy which is exhausted very easily. From your center, floods of energy are approaching the brain system. The brain system, the mind, is not able to absorb that much energy; it goes into a state of coma. The doctor will look at the coma, he will wonder about the fit, he will try to find the cause.. And your doctors have not been able to find the cause; they will never be able to find the cause because they are looking in the wrong direction. They are looking in the mind itself, as if something is wrong in the mind; hence the fit. Nothing is wrong in the mind - but the energy beyond the mind is becoming available to the mind.

Mind is a beggar. You will have to learn to live as an emperor, and the fits will disappear.

The fits are symbolic that great changes are happening in you.

I am reminded of a few things which will be helpful to you. Five thousand years ago in China, acupuncture was discovered in an accident. A man had suffered his whole life from terrific migraines, and the Chinese medicine had not been helpful at all. They did everything but nothing worked. It seemed the case was hopeless. But they were in the same fallacy as your physicians are.

This man had gone to the forest to collect some wood and was hit by a hunter’s arrow accidentally. The arrow hit his leg and his migraine evaporated instantly!

Now ordinarily you could not connect the two; this was a new revelation. He went back to his physicians and told them what had happened: “This arrow has done something: for the first time in my life I am feeling healthy in my head; otherwise it was always heavy.” Even if it was not a severe migraine, something of the pain had become almost natural to him. But it had disappeared so miraculously that he was afraid to take the arrow out; it was better to live your whole life with this arrow stuck in your leg than to have that migraine again!

But the doctor said, “The arrow cannot be allowed to remain. It will create poison in the body; it may be poisonous already. It has to be pulled out. But don’t be worried, it has given us some clue.”

This is how acupuncture was born. The physicians took out the arrow, but the migraine never returned. Over hundreds of years, slowly, slowly they discovered that there are seven hundred centers, interconnected in the body, and it is not necessary that your migraine has its source in your head. The source can be anywhere in the body. It can be at any of those seven hundred centers. The only thing that has to happen is that that center is vibrating your brain, sending waves of energy to your brain which are hitting other centers and creating the migraine.

Now because of that arrow a particular center in the leg was dead - it could not broadcast anymore. That was the cause, and they were trying everything but it was all off the wall! And they had no idea, nobody ever had any idea that the center might exist somewhere else and unless that center was cured, the effect that was showing somewhere else would continue to show.

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