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Chapter 8: Simply Get Out by the Door

A candle that is unlit cannot help other unlit candles; only a lit candle can help other candles to become lit. And the miracle is: when the flame goes from the lit candle to the unlit candle, the lit candle loses nothing, and from one lit candle millions of candles can be lit - still it loses nothing. Others gain, but you are not losing anything. In fact, just the opposite happens: the more you give, the more you have. And when you are ready to give all, you have all the joys of the world available to you. When you are ready to give totally, you become open to all God’s grace, you become a vehicle. But then there is no idea of service, duty; the question does not arise.

Hence there is no need to think about a synthesis. One is blissful - and out of bliss, just as the shadow follows you, compassion follows you. You are not even aware of your shadow following you; it does not make any noise, not even the footsteps can be heard. It simply comes following you, without any noise, not even a whisper. In the same way compassion comes: it follows the meditator.

Gautam the Buddha defines meditation as the source of compassion. He says unless you are a meditator you cannot have compassion. Compassion is a beautiful word: it is passion transformed, it is passion gone through the alchemy of meditation. It is the same energy that was involved in your passions now passing through the alchemical process of meditation, silence, awareness. It is freed from all pollution, from all that is foreign to it; it becomes purer and purer. When your meditation reaches its ultimate height, your whole energy becomes overflowing love - it is compassion.

So the question of synthesis does not arise - either you are blissful or you are not. If you are blissful, compassion follows; if you are not blissful, whatsoever you are doing is just an escape from your own misery.

You say: “I am another ‘development worker’ whose questions you answered most beautifully yesterday. For me, though, one question remains.” The mind goes on creating questions. When I have answered this question, you will find that a few more questions have arisen. The mind is very fertile about questions; about answers it is impotent. The mind has no answers, it has only questions. Meditation has only answers and no questions, and meditation is a state of no-mind.

I can answer your question, but don’t think that you will get the answer - you will simply get a few more questions.

In New York a bus was standing at the bus-stop. The driver informed the passengers that he would leave the stop only if the blacks moved to the back of the bus and the whites came to the front.

“Hey, man!” said one of the blacks. “Stop this discrimination. We’re under the Carter administration, you know!”

Exactly at this moment, the President drove past the side of the bus in his car. One of the blacks called out to him and told him the story.

“I’ll have none of this!” replied Carter with vehemence. “In my government there are neither blacks nor whites. In the USA we are all greens!” (the color he used in his election campaign).

Everybody applauded the President, and he drove away.

“Okay,” said the bus driver after he had gone, “let’s get this organized. All the light greens come to the front and all the dark greens go to the back!”

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